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AMA Virtual Event

Digital Marketing

Learn more about AMA Marketing Week!​


When: October 2-3, 2018
Where: Online at your favorite location!

​​In today’s fast-paced world, how do you make yourself future proof? You become a digital marketing expert. At AMA Marketing Week’s virtual event, you’ll be immersed in two days of inspiring, future-thinking programming from the top minds in the industry.

Topics we’ll cover:
-Voice Search
-Artificial Intelligence
-Google Analytics and AdWords
-Growth Hacking, and how to scale effectively
-Attribution strategies



Keynote Presenter

Christina Duncan

Principal Analytical Lead

Keynote Presenter

Allen Gannett

Founder and CEO


This event will open at 9:30 AM CT and the opening keynote presentation will begin at 10:00 AM CT. Please stay tuned for the full agenda. 



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