Digital Marketing: Delivering a Custom Experience


Digital marketing is evolving. Marketers have troves of data at their fingertips, and customers are influencing brand perception and business decisions more than ever. Consumers now expect instant, customized interactions when doing business with a company—so how can you deliver?

At the AMA Digital Marketing Virtual Conference, we’ll help you stay on the leading edge of digital marketing. We’ll provide insight into the tools that can help ease your workflow and build marketing automation that feels personalized, while staying agile and creative.

Keynote speakers and session presenters will gather from companies including YouTube, Act On Software, Monumental Shift and more. You’ll learn more about:

  • Marketing in a YouTube Generation
  • Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation
  • Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Using Data to Gain Insights, Big and Small
  • How Paid, Owned, and Earned Media can Transform Prospects into Partners

Register for this complimentary event to save your spot for May 17th and check back to see more great speakers we’ll be adding to the lineup soon.

Keynote Speakers

Chris Di Cesare
Head of Creative Programming,
Andrew Davis
Monumental Shift

Chris Di Cesare is head of creative programming at YouTube. He also currently serves as creative director and executive producer of Google events including YouTube’s upfront event, Brandcast, as well as last year’s YouTube Music Awards.

Andrew Davis is a bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. Before co-founding, building and selling a thriving digital marketing agency, Andrew Davis created programming for local television, produced for NBC’s Today Show, worked for The Muppets in New York and wrote for Charles Kuralt. He has marketed for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. In 2016, Davis founded Monumental Shift, the world’s first talent agency for marketing thought leaders.


Rachel Rosin
Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing,
Act-On Software

Rachel Rosin is the senior manager, Digital Marketing Team at Act-On. She is responsible for the development and execution of content and maintaining an engaging digital presence designed to attract, capture, and nurture prospects and leads. She is also a key player in content development for lead and pipeline cultivation with a focus on growing inbound lead generation and increasing conversion rates.





Keynote Sponsor:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Speaker Session Title & Description


Andrew Davis,

Monumental Shift


Momentum: The Simple Secret Smart Businesses Use to Turn Browsers into Buyers!

In this action-pcked, keynote session, best-selling author and former television producer Andrew Davis, will reveal the secrets to their success. He’ll show you how they leverage — no create — momentum that converts browsers into buyers.

You’ll see how to leverage the Waterfall Effect to drive the attention of the media, how to build anticipation, and even how to prolong the honeymoon phase. But most importantly, you’ll stop chasing leads and start attracting buyers.


Chris Di Cesare,
Head of Creative Programming, Google/YouTube

Marketing in a YouTube Generation

Join Chris Di Cesare, head of creative programming at YouTube, as he discusses marketing in a YouTube generation.


Rachel Rosin,
Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing,
Act-On Software

Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation

Would you buy a shiny new convertible if it had no engine? It might look pretty, but it would never take you anywhere. If your website is not attracting the right kind of visitors and turning them into leads, then it’s not taking you anywhere either.

A company’s website is its most powerful marketing asset. Join Rachel Rosin, Sr.Manager of Digital Marketing of Act-On Software, to explore principles and tactics that will get your motor running at full power.

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