Michael Fleischner
Senior Vice President of Marketing
As an entrepreneur, professional marketer, and author, Michael  Fleischner has worked with  a  variety  of  businesses  in  the  education,  human capital,  and technology sectors over  the  past  20  years  to  improve  marketing  effectiveness and results. He is the Founder and  CEO  of  Big  Fin  Solutions, a marketing strategy  and services  company  that  was  acquired  in  2014 by a venture capital firm.  Michael currently works for Caliper, an assessment  and  talent  management company located  in  Princeton New Jersey, as  the  Senior  Vice  President  of Marketing. He has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC World News, Bloomberg  Radio,  and  featured  in USA Today. During his executive career, Michael has effectively improved marketing  performance  for  leading  brands,  developed  numerous  online businesses, and authored a variety of marketing related books. His most popular title,  SEO  Made Simple,  now  in  its  6th edition,  has  become  the standard  on  search engine  optimization. Michael formerly served as the  President  for  the  American  Marketing  Association  of  New Jersey.

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