Marco Vriens
Marco Vriens, PhD
Global Chief Research Officer
​Marco Vriens has a PhD in marketing analytics and is a globally recognized expert on advanced analytics and marketing research. He started his career in academics but has spent the last 20 years in business both on the client and the supplier side. He led analytics teams for Microsoft and GE and has led analytics at a number of supplier firms.  He is the author/editor of 3 books: The Insights Advantage: knowing how to win (2012), Handbook of Marketing Research (2006), and Conjoint Analysis in Marketing (1995).  He published more than 50 papers in both academic journals and industry publications, including the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Marketing Insights magazine, etc.  He won several best paper awards including the David K. Hardin award for best paper in the AMA’s Marketing Insights Magazine.  He has also written several blogs on the topic of analytics and Big Data.

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