Christopher L Brown
CEO and Co-Founder
Marketculture Strategies

Commercial Background
Chris is an expert in market-driven business strategies. He and his colleagues have conducted extensive research on this topic and published articles in Strategy & Leadership Journal, BtoB Magazine, the CEO Refresher, the CMO Council Program on Market Sensibility and other journals.

Chris specializes in working with companies to create customer-focused cultures. His previous post as Marketing Director for Hewlett-Packard, South Pacific Region provides him the firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing leaders trying to create a stronger external focus. Chris’s finance background and roles in marketing enable him to evaluate the profit-impact of culture initiatives and business strategies.

Academic Background
Chris holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney with a major in marketing and a sub‐major in financial management.

He also holds a Master of Commerce Post‐Graduate Degree (University of New South Wales, Australia) with an Advanced Specialization in Marketing. His specific area of interest and specialization is in practically applying marketing as a discipline that delivers superior returns on investments.

Chris is currently the Executive Vice President of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, the premier Chapter of the World’s Premier Marketing Association.

Role at Marketculture
Chris is the CEO MarketCulture Strategies Management Consulting Practice. In carrying out this role Chris oversees the development of new programs and services, as well as new business development. Leveraging from his extensive experience in marketing management, Chris is also involved in the delivery of MarketCulture Strategies training programs and marketing and culture change consulting projects that require unique operational insights and experience.

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