C. Frederic John
Consilience Research & Consulting, LLC
​Fred John is a dynamic strategic researcher and marketing advisor with experience on both the client and supplier sides in a career spanning 35 years. Currently Vice-President of ESOMAR, the global market research professional association, he is a recognized authority in the field and a keen observer of emerging trends in the industry.

His resume includes extended tenures at Yankelovich Partners, where we ran the global network as a well as a custom research team, and at MasterCard Worldwide, where he was responsible for global product and corporate reputation research. Much of his work entailed testing new offerings, such as new payment card concepts, targeted rewards programs, business information services, and POS or web-enhanced payment methods. 

Fred’s experience encompasses many sectors, from teddy bears to bathtubs, which has given him a keen understanding of the business and communications issues faced by marketing, advertising, and public relations professionals. His areas of specialization include market segmentation, positioning, and new product development, with a particularly strong focus on B2B marketing and corporate reputation. 

He strongly advocates including insightful conclusions and concrete recommendations in presentations whenever possible, and believes everyone involved in shaping business decisions needs to be more attuned to understanding and using insights. This applies to researchers and other information providers as well as those making recommendations or actually making final decisions.

Fred also is convinced that one of the greatest challenges facing business professionals is the need to communicate information and to be persuasive in a way that engages target audiences. All too often, business reports and presentations are dry, lifeless affairs driven by data and logic, but hard for the audience to endure. He does not think being “business-like” means you have to be boring. Rather, he thinks applying lessons from the creative arts, especially story-telling, can enliven presentations without sacrificing the basic purpose of the business event. 

Fred developed an internal professional training program while at MasterCard focusing on finding and leveraging insights, and making more effective presentations using storytelling techniques. He has continued to provide training workshops through ESOMAR and to individual companies. 

Fred is a frequent presenter at industry forums, and is currently organizing a global B2B conference for ESOMAR to be held in October, 2014. His papers are considered provocative, reflecting his idiosyncratic approach to the challenges facing marketers and researchers in a rapidly evolving environment. His recent papers and presentations include:
"The Odyssey of Our Profession," ESOMAR Congress, 2010
"The impact of Globalization on the Marketing Function," ESOMAR Congress 2012 and the Institute for International Research’s The Market Research Event, 2012
"Invasion of the Niche Seekers," article on the recent entry of small European market research firms into the US market, for "Research World," Sept. 2013

Fred received his BA and MA from New York University, and received a one-year grant from the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdiesnt for research in Europe.

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