Effective Marketing Writing - 2017 - Chicago, IL

One Prudential Plaza - AMA Support Center, 130 E. Randolph St., 22nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
12/7/2017 8:30 AM - 12/8/2017 4:30 PM
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Engaging and Moving Readers to Action 

Many marketing professionals face triple responsibilities when they write. First, their messages must be extremely clear and to the point. Second, their messages must stand out and engage increasingly distracted readers. And third, they must write effectively in a dizzying array of formats, including Tweets, email blasts, e-articles, ad copy, blogs, case studies, and video scripts. 

Meeting these three writing responsibilities consistently can challenge the skill sets of even excellent writers. Effective Marketing Writing, a two-day workshop, will provide participants with practical strategies to meet these challenges. 



Throughout the two days, participants will work on best-practices writing techniques in a range of types/media/platforms, such as: 

  • Marketing copy
  • Emails
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • e-articles 
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Tweets
  • Video scripts
  • Presentations​

Throughout the two days, participants will individually assess their writing skills and create a customized action plan for continued progress in writing. Regarding the marketing writing samples they bring to the class, they can choose to share with others or not.

Effective Marketing Writing delivers clear, sophisticated training that will ensure participants can “up their writing game.” Immediately back on the job, they will be able to apply the course’s tips and techniques to engage their readers/audience – and get better results. 


  • A reliable method for identifying key audience traits and needs
  • A simple template for marketing writing that makes writing faster and more effective
  • An ability to construct consistently readable, highly compact sentences that project a competent image, set a conversational tone, and motivate responses
  • Writing guidelines for key social media platforms 
  • A tailored approach for effective proofreading

Note: Attendance will be limited for greater instructor interaction. You will also – as time permits – have the opportunity for feedback on marketing writing samples you bring to class.

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Here’s what recent attendees said

"Effective Marketing Writing was a great place to learn new skills and brush up on some forgotten ones. No matter how much of a marketing pro you are, this workshop will re-energize your writing."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and have acquired new skills that will advance my marketing writing."

"Great, relevant examples you can use in your everyday job."


Ben Shank
Owner, Writing Consultants, Inc.

Ben works enthusiastically to identify what’s needed to raise the impact of the written word. His company provides a wide range of expert training, coaching, and editing. His clients regularly return to him to train in young new hires and veterans in need of refreshers. His teaching also extends to offering classes for universities, government, and non-profit organizations.


Are you responsible for designing and executing marketing campaigns? Do you dabble in advertising, branding, PR, social media or blogging? Are you occasionally responsible for writing articles, case studies or white papers? Excellent! Mark your calendar and attend this event.

The first day focuses on best marketing writing practices including a discussion-based refresher of key marketing writing principles. The discussions will involve a wide range of current writing in the marketplace, including writing for social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Analysis will highlight best practices as well as what’s good about the bad examples and what’s bad about the good examples. 

Another popular segment is the review of which grammar and punctuation rules are the same in business and in marketing writing – and which are different. 

Once participants have refreshed their basic marketing writing toolkit on the first day, they will move on to many, practical applications in the second day. First, participants will try out exercises focused on whichever types of marketing writing they need to master. Second, participants will design and work on two marketing pieces linked into the same marketing campaign. For those that can, they will focus on marketing pieces they can use currently on their jobs. For the rest, they will pick between two more generic pieces.        ​       

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Effective Marketing Writing – Agenda

Day One
8:00 to 8:30am. Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am to 4:30pm Program (includes lunch, morning and afternoon breaks) 

​Workshop structure and participant goals    

Getting ready to write 

  • Big picture: using marketing writing star approach
  • Integrated approach  
  • Marketing writing goals:
    • Engaging
    • Educating
    • Persuading 

Refreshing writing toolkit

  • Planning
    • Brainstorming: Picturing audience needs, fears, triggers
    • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Marketing Analysis
    • Reader/audience analysis
      • ​​Formal vs. informal
      • ​​Identifying key characteristics
  • Improving drafting and editing processes
    • Shorter is better
    • Effective word choices 
  • Ease of reading
    • Punctuation/grammar 
  • Honing headlines/titles/taglines      
  • Openings that grab readers’ attention 
    • First few words: do they hook the reader?
    • Main point: super concise and focused 
    • What’s in It For the Reader (WIFR) and WIFR sandwich
  • Body: Breaking information into attractive bites
    • Weaving together graphics and text
    • Formatting
    • List building 
  • Closings that get results
    • Call-to-action tips​

Day Two
8:00 to 8:30am. Registration and Continental 
8:30 am to 4:30pm Program (includes lunch, morning and afternoon breaks) 

Putting tools to work: Application

  • Practicing use of writing principles, guidelines, and tips appropriate for: 
    • Ad copy
    • Email blasts
    • Press releases
    • White papers/e-articles
    • Video scripts/YouTube
    • Presentations 
    • Blogs
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  • Designing, writing, and evaluating 2 marketing pieces on a single campaign theme 
  • Effective proofreading
    • Why is proofreading well so difficult?
    • Using a tailored approach
  • Creating action plan for continued improvement 
    • ​​Staying ahead of the competition

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