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AMA’s training programs take a ‘learn-by-doing’ approach with expert facilitators who offer the strategies, tools and methodologies to deepen insights and maximize success for attendees. Topics include metrics, strategic planning, social media, content marketing, branding, integrated marketing communications and health care marketing.

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Marketing Strategy for B2Bs​

October 30, 2017
Chicago, IL

In this hands-on session you will learn how to approach your company’s B2B marketing more strategically. We’ll start at the beginning and ground ourselves by developing or refining your value proposition/positioning statement. ​​​​​We’ll then use that as a springboard to develop a marketing plan that makes sense for your organization’s objectives, capabilities and budget. We’ll address research techniques to gather insights and strengthen your positioning and plan.  Additionally, we'll also tackle budgeting and establishing metrics. ​

Advanced School of Marketing Research​​
November 6-10, 2017
Atlanta, GA

The basics of marketing research are changing. Even the skills you learned a few years ago are already becoming dated.  Strengthen your foundational marketing research knowledge and add advanced skills in today’s most important topics like data visualization and brain science.  In five days of immersive learning, you’ll get the latest thinking in marketing research theory, application and how it all helps you answer important business questions.

Why isn’t our current online research providing helpful results?

  • Do I really understand our customers?
  • What marketing messages lead to action?
  • Will people like our new product?
  • What do customers really think about our company?
  • How do I balance prices, volume and margins?​  
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9/20/2016 - 9/21/2016 | 2350 M Street N.W., Washington , D.C.
In-Person Event
Effective Marketing Writing delivers clear, sophisticated training that will ensure you can “up your writing game.” Immediately back on the job, you will apply the course’s tips and techniques to engage your readers/audience – and get better results.

9/27/2016 - 9/28/2016 | Chicago , IL
In-Person Event
Participants will discover how to integrate digital with business goals while capitalizing on new technologies and measurement strategies that deliver the measurable results to their organization.

9/29/2016 - 9/30/2016 | 1919 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington , D.C.
In-Person Event
This workshop will focus on how to create and leverage the myriad forms of content to promote businesses, retain customers, influence word of mouth, close the decision gap on prospects and leverage content as a brand differentiator.

10/5/2016 - 10/6/2016 | 1919 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington , D.C.
In-Person Event
You will learn how to use measurements, analytics and financial discipline to guide the development of more profitable strategies and tactical marketing campaigns.

10/17/2016 - 10/18/2016 | 1919 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington , D.C.
In-Person Event
The workshop focuses on creating email campaigns that deliver results. It not only provides best practices for the email message, but goes well beyond that by including insight on marking strategy, data, testing, analysis, and more.

10/24/2016 - 10/25/2016 | Boston , MA
In-Person Event
This intensive two-day event will arm you with tools to tackle and solve your most pressing challenges. From content marketing to social media, you'll hear from experts on how to get results in today's environment.

10/25/2016 - 10/26/2016 | 1919 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington , D.C.
In-Person Event
Learn how through IMC you can drive purposeful, cross-functional and organizational collaboration to accomplish your business objectives such as driving revenue growth, improving profit margins, increasing consideration and other meaningful goals.

10/25/2016 - 10/26/2016 | 205 North Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor - Chicago , IL
In-Person Event
Learn the secrets of the SEO: what works and what doesn't; what you should be measuring; what tools to use; where trouble looms and untapped potential lies; where search engines and the industry are headed.

11/2/2016 - 11/3/2016 | 2350 M Street N.W. Washington , D.C.
In-Person Event
Learn how to use the proven power of storytelling to lead your team, author an authentic brand story, connect with your employees and attract customers through your shared values to drive business results.

11/14/2016 - 11/18/2016 | Atlanta , GA
In-Person Event
Top experts in business and academe will explain and demonstrate how organizations are successfully using advanced techniques to better understand customers, optimally mine social data, develop and price products for greater profit, and boost sales.

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