Hershey CMO Peter Horst on Bringing Brands Closer to Target (VIDEO)

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2016 AMA Collegiate
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The 2016 AMA Collegiate Case Competition was sponsored by Hershey Company.

Peter Horst, CMO of Hershey, the sponsor of the Case Competition at this year’s Collegiate Conference, joined the iconic candy brand last summer. 

Since taking the reigns of the marketing function, he’s made moves to bring Hershey closer to its target market that is online and looking for a brand experience. 

Horst says marketing has refocused on digital platforms and has recruited a powerful team with the skills in digital, social, content marketing, and data-driven marketing. 

He talks with AMA Associate Editor Andy Friedman about Hershey’s plan to capitalize on a resonant brand, put to work its “modern marketing machine” and leverage new ideas from students at this year’s conference.


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