Young Marketers On Parade: AMA Collegiate Chapters Take the Stage (PHOTO GALLERY)

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Future marketers show their creativity and kick off the 2016 AMA event with the annual Parade of Chapters.

From Canada, Puerto Rico, Southern California, New York and everywhere in between, collegiate marketers from AMA chapters gathered at the 2016 AMA Collegiate Conference to compete, network and celebrate. The Parade of Chapters was the kickoff to the celebrating.

One by one, representatives from the different chapters too to the stage as the crowd cheered. Each vied for more attention than the last. Some wore GoPros, others had selfie sticks. A few sported costumes, and others made up for the lack of special wordrobe by making dance moves, some admittedly more smooth than others.




Enjoy this video clip of some of the craziness that took to the stage.

As many of these marketing students look toward a transition to the professional world, they used this chance to show their enthusiasm for what the keynote speaker, Hershey CMO Peter Horst called the “Best. Job. Ever.”

Check out these pics!


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