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The competition challenges the students to create a booth that reflects their chapter and the theme of the conference, “Mint Your Future."
42 AMA collegiate chapters competed at the 2016 International Collegiate Conference for the Best Chapter Exchibit.

The competition challenged students to create a booth that reflects their chapter and the theme of the conference, "Mint Your Future" in a creative way.

The raucous competition reflected the spirit and creativity of the students who were eager to show off the uniqueness of their individual chapters.

Here is a summary of the awards given for the exhibits.

Best Overall Exhibit:

Aurora University

Best Educational Value:

1st Place: Canisius College
2nd Place: Cal State Northridge
3rd Place: Penn State

Communication of Chapter Activities:

1st Place: St. John Fisher College
2nd Place: Northeastern University
3rd Place: Western Connecticut University

Best Use of Conference Theme:

1st Place:Fordham University
2nd Place:Ferris State University
3rd Place: Plymouth State University

Student Choice:

University of Puerto Rico

Check out these videos as AMA's Lauren Watters talks to the energized participants.

Students from the University of Puerto Rico wanted to express their “loudness” but also that they are great at what they do—marketing. They’re excited to learn about what’s trending in marketing at this year’s conference.


Students from California State University, Northridge interpreted the theme by incorporating the Pixar animated characters from the Minions movie and the slogan, “a Minion ways to mint your future.” The students noticed the prevalence of photos and videos in marketing and wanted to reflect that with an interactive photo booth in their exhibit.


The AMA chapter of the University of Texas at El Paso created a Monopoly-inspired game board on the floor of its exhibit. Students noted Snapchat as an up-and-coming platform for ads.


California State University, Long Beach students created a time-travelling experience for their exhibit. Visitors can learn marketing techniques from Cal State’s past, present and future, and each time period is tied to a social channel. The chapter said Instagram and Twitter are their top pics for marketers.


The Penn State University exhibit featured Igloos composed of trivia-covered blocks meant to gamify information about the school. The Penn State chapter had a big year of accomplishments, growing membership by more than 300% and consulting on digital and non-profit marketing. 




As the competition got underway, students from Puerto Rico led everyone in an impromptu "marketing conga line" that captured the fun spirit of the event.


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