Leadership Summit 2018
1/1/0001-1/1/0001 | Rosemont, IL


Start a Ripple, Make an Impact

That is our wish for you as chapter leaders. Regardless of your role on the board, you have the opportunity to positively influence the success of your chapter. Leadership Summit is designed to help you discover the kind of impact you can have on your chapter’s success. 

Ignite your passion and discover your purpose as an AMA professional chapter board member as you connect and learn from other AMA chapter leaders from across North America and prepare for the year ahead. Exchange best practices and ideas for overcoming challenges, motivating your team, planning for the future, and converting your chapter leadership into an opportunity for personal and professional development. There's no substitute for being there and experiencing all this event, its motivational speakers, and your fellow chapter leaders have to offer. Leadership Summit 2018 is going to inspire you – engage you – and help you make a difference locally, regionally, nationally, and beyond. How will you start your ripple effect?

Budget for +ONE

Budgeting t​o bring your incoming board to Leadership Summit is an investment that will set your chapter on a powerful path to success. Every team member taking part in the event multiplies the experience, knowledge, and ideas obtained from attending. Bringing your members together as a team, showing how invested you are in your chapter leaders, and building their accountability and passion for the AMA are keys to building a strong, sustainable chapter.

That's why we have a challenge for you this year. This is no ordinary challenge. If you choose to accept it, you will be responsible for creating change... for taking your chapter to the next level... for impacting a future leader by sharing with them the unique experience of attending Leadership Summit. Our challenge to you?


Think back to how many chapter leaders your chapter took to Leadership Summit 2017. Don’t you wish you had invited just one more person? Well, now is the time to plan for how you can ramp up your chapter leader engagement level by taking an extra person to Leadership Summit 2018. As chapter leaders, it is your responsibility to set your chapter up for success next year and beyond. 

Travel grants and complimentary registration are provided for your incoming 2018-19 President and President-Elect. Look for an email in February with additional information about your chapter's travel grant allocation. If your President and/or President-Elect is not identified by Leadership Summit, or if one of these individuals is unable attend, a substitute will receive 50% of your travel grant amount. Substitutes will still receive complimentary registration to the event – the only change would be to the grant amount used for travel and hotel. Any additional incoming 2018-19 chapter leaders may attend at the expense of the chapter, or at their own personal expense.

As you budget to send your board to Leadership Summit 2018, keep in mind that the registration fee is $425 per person, and the room rate at the Westin O’Hare is $145 plus taxes. ​In budgeting for meals, the conference provides lunch and dinner Friday, breakfast and lunch Saturday,and breakfast Sunday. There is a Starbucks and Benchmark restaurant in the lobby of the Westin O'Hare.  You can further limit expenses by sharing hotel rooms. Don’t forget to budget for your +ONE. We dare you.

Leadership Summit Co-Chairs

Professional Chapters Council

Lincoln Chapter

Professional Chapters Council

Birmingham Chapter

Leadership Summit 2018: Ripple Effect Agenda
Agenda below is subject to changes - check back closer to the event for exact session details.

Day 1: Friday, April 27​, 2018, 11:30am - 9:00pm

8:00am - 7:00pm

Registration Open

8:00am - 4:00pm

Visit AMA Exhibit Hall

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to interact with AMA staff and learn more about the variety of ways AMA supports chapters and delivers value to members.​

9:30am - 11:30am

Coffee Meet & Greet (optional)

Arrive early? Looking for something to do? Grab a cup of coffee and network with other early arrivals.

11:30am - 1:45pm

Opening Luncheon and CEA Celebration

Our opening celebration of award winning chapters is sure to motivate and inspire you! Help us launch our big, bold weekend with Chapter Excellence Award winners’ stories combined with powerful collective energy and camaraderie.​

Tracie Welch-Brenton - AMA Houston​, Gold Chapter of the Year

Karl Sakas - AMA Triangle​, Silver Chapter of the Year

Joey Taylor-Moon - AMA Iowa​, Bronze Chapter of the Year

Jason Ellis - AMA San Antonio​, Turn-It-Up Chapter of the Year

2:15pm - 3:45pm

AMA Support Center Update

Learn the latest about strategies and initiatives enabling the AMA Support Center and AMA chapters to deliver a valuable experience and create an essential community for marketers across North America.

4:15pm - 5:30pm

Board-in-a-Box Sessions

This engaging, interactive, and immersive session will equip you to effectively apply the Board-in-a-Box Truths to your chapter’s Leadership, Membership, Programming, Communications, and Sponsorship teams. Panelists will highlight their experiences in tackling common challenges and provide the opportunity to share best practices and ideas with fellow chapter leaders.

  • Leadership
  • Membership
  • Programming
  • Communications
  • Sponsorship

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Collaboration Over Cocktails: Meet Your PCC Leadership Advisor

Meet your PCC Leadership Advisor, network with AMA Support Center staff, and continue to build strong connections with fellow chapter leaders at cocktail hour.

Mihali Stavlas​ - PCC Leadership Advisory Team Chair

Stewart Law - PCC Leadership Advisor​

Linda Mansur - PCC Leadership Advisor

Greg Millman - PCC Leadership Advisor​

Holly Parsons - PCC Leadership Advisor​

Aaron Templer - PCC Leadership Advisor

Matt Schaeffer - PCC Leadership Advisor​

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Dinner and Inspiration: The Rise Of The Wisdom Worker In The Post Digital World​​

Robert Rose - Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

Marketing leadership is changing. We can feel the waves of change rising. The pressure for digital transformation is in high gear – and our ability to manage content data and the entirety of the customer experiences is at its core.  Some people say that Marketing is actually too big for one leadership position.  But is it?  Our effort to fully re-imagine marketing leadership in the digital enterprise is driving technological change into every corner of our business. Algorithms, data, automation and software are increasingly making decisions about not only how the business is managed and displayed but how it’s being created.

But, in the future, the truly digitally transformed organization will employ one key, human-driven component – the wisdom worker. This “manager of meaning” will be what separates and differentiates a true business strategy from algorithmic, data-driven mediocrity. So, who is this wisdom worker, the business practitioner of the next ten years? And, how do we foster, manage or become the manager that brings meaning to the machine?

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Ripple Effect After Party with DJ Don Carlo (optional)

Continue networking and share your dance moves with fellow chapter leaders over cocktails! Cash bar.
Day 2: Saturday, April 28, 2018, 8:00am - 5:00pm

8:00am - 9:00am


9:00am - 10:30am


The energy is infectious – and so are the ideas! Share and learn with your chapter peers in one of the highest rated events of Leadership Summit.​ This year's topics include:

  • Board Recruitment & Succession Planning
  • Board Management & Operations
  • Beyond the Board: Utilizing Volunteers & Committees
  • Implementing Project Management Tools
  • Financial Management
  • Data & Insights
  • Participating in Chapter Excellence Awards
  • Communications Best Practices
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Local Member Benefits Packages
  • Membership Retention
  • Bridging the Collegiate/Young Professional Gap
  • Executive Circle Programming
  • Facilitating Mentorship Opportunities
  • Offering the Right Programming Mix
  • Speaker Recruitment Strategies
  • Hosting Chapter Awards Programs
  • Activating Certification at Your Chapter
  • Recruiting Sponsors
  • Developing Sponsorship Packages
  • Giving Back to Your Community​

10:45am - 12:15pm

Role Breakout Sessions

Keep soaking up as much learning as possible! We’ll break out into leadership roles for a session discussing what YOU’d like to hear from other chapters regarding your roles. We’ll vote on topics of interest and discuss the most pressing with a “been there, done that” approach.​

  • Presidents
  • Presidents-Elect
  • Membership
  • Programming
  • Communications​
  • Sponsorship/Finance

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Lunch and Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award Presentation

To stay strong, you need a little down time, and a lot of motivation. Join us for a relaxing lunch, take time to chat with your tablemates, and hear from our inspirational Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award winner.

1:45pm - 3:00pm

Foundations and Advanced Sessions

This new curriculum is focused on the people and process part of board management. Split into two tracks, these topics will provide the opportunity to explore areas relevant to your chapter’s current situation and explore best practices with other chapter leaders, regardless of your board role. Check in with your PCC Leadership Advisor to identify the best track/session for your chapter.

Foundations Sessions

  • ​Basics of Chapter Management
  • Building Board Engagement
  • Starting Over

Advanced Sessions

  • Small Chapter Challenges
  • Large Chapter Challenges
  • Inspiring Membership Value

3:30pm - 4:00pm 

Strategic Planning Overview

Gain a better understanding of the elements of a great strategic plan from a from the Professional Chapters Council before working on your own. An enhanced strategic planning resource kit will be provided to help you set a strong foundation for your chapter year.

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Strategic Planning Workshops

Now that you've learned the fundamentals of a strategic plan, it's time to get to work on your own! Begin harnessing all of the energy and ideas you and your team have captured throughout the weekend. PCC Leadership Advisors available to help you chart your course for the year ahead, but feel free to break off with your chapter on your own and plan as a team as long as you'd like! 

6:00pm - 10:00pm

AMA Dine-Arounds (optional)

Interested in exploring Chicago and its neighborhoods but not sure where to start? Sign-up for a dine-around! We've made reservations at restaurants throughout the city to provide an informal opportunity for continued networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning. Restaurants sign-up instructions will be revealed on-site.

Day 3: Sunday, April 29, 2018, 8:30am - 11:30am

8:30am - 9:00am

Continental Breakfast 

9:00am - 10:00am

Leadership Skill Building Sessions 

Bring it all together with these powerful leadership skill development presentations. Choose from one of these two sessions geared towards building strong leadership skills to help you succeed in both your professional and chapter management roles. These sessions have continually ranked as some of the best at Summit…you won’t want to miss out!

David Wilson​ - Ripple Effect Leadership

Aaron Templer - Influence vs. Power​

10:15am - 11:15am

The Remarkable Ripple Effect of Membership in the AMA

Sima Dahl - Founder, Sway Factory Inc.

We talk about member engagement because we know it's critical to sustaining a healthy chapter and fulfilling our mission to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world.

But engagement happens at a very personal level… between you and another living, breathing human being. How then can we run a chapter more like a community of real people helping each other achieve their career goals and aspirations?

In her inspirational closing keynote, Sima will shift the way we think of engagement through the story of her own AMA journey, which she describes as a “legacy of endless connections and opportunity.” From forging a strong network of supporters to accelerating your upward mobility – even total reinvention – the AMA offers a lifetime of rewards. Join Sima to learn how to start a ripple effect of your own, and watch it spread throughout your chapter.

11:15am - 11:30am

Closing Celebration

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Visit AMA Support Center Office (optional)

Grab a cab or Uber to downtown for a tour of AMA’s office space –​ available for use by AMA members. Hosted by AMA CEO, Russ Klein.

Keynote Speakers

Robe​rt​ Rose
Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute​​

Friday Keynote

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the fifth grade, Robert Rose’s teacher sent him home with a note that said ‘Robert likes to tell stories.’ Well, as it turns out, she was right. Robert is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory – the consulting and advisory group of The Content Marketing Institute. Robert has been helping marketers tell their story more effectively through digital media for more than 20 years. Over the last five years, Robert has worked with more than 500 companies of all sizes, including 15 of the Fortune 100. He’s provided strategic marketing advice and counsel for global brands such as Capital One, Dell, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UPS.

Robert is the author of three best selling books. His latest, Killing Marketing, has been said to have “unlocked the puzzle of what marketing should be in the 21st century.” You can hear Robert on his weekly podcast with co-host Joe Pulizzi, “This Old Marketing”. Robert is also an early-stage investor and advisor to a number of technology startups, serving on the advisory boards of a number of companies, such as Akoonu, DivvyHQ and Tint.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Sima Dahl
Founder, Sway Factory Inc.

​​Sunday Keynote

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sima Dahl knows a thing or two about the AMA. A collegiate member at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, Sima was a member of the Chicago Chapter “forever” serving as the VP of the B2B division and ultimately six years on the board. This is her third appearance at Leadership Summit and she’s traveled the country speaking to chapters from DC to Denver. You’ll still find content penned by Sima on AMA.org. Today she applies her marketing expertise to help professionals build personal brands that mean business, and she’s shared her career-catapulting Sway Factor™ system with clients from Boston to Budapest including United Airlines, Harley Davidson, BMO Harris Bank, Walgreens, Microsoft, and associations large and small. Learn more at SimaDahl.com​.​


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