2016 Annual Conference

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
6601 Adventure Way, Orlando, FL 32819
10/5/2016 12:00 PM - 10/7/2016 3:30 PM
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Delivering results through marketing today takes a community of question askers, risk takers and problem solvers. It takes people who know how to put Answers in Action. 


WHEN: September 11 - 13, 2017

WHERE: Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV

Who is speaking?

Hear from a mix of the top B2B and B2C marketers from companies like Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Verizon​Odyssey, LinkedIn​, Elevator Agency, GogoCoca-Cola Freestyle, Mensch on a Bench, CDW, TopGolf, NBC Universal and FedEx.

Keynotes Include

Linda Boff
Presentation: Marketing Through Transformation

Jim Lecinski
Vice President, Integrated Sales and Chief ZMOT Evangelist for Google
Winning in the New Normal: The Five Key Questions Marketers Should Be Asking Now​

BV Pradeep
Global VP Consumer & Market Insight for Country & Customer Development, Unilever
Understanding People, not just consumers – the real competitive edge​

Brian Miske
Presentation: The Pivot - Shaping a Responsive Enterprise through a Digital Lens 

New this Year: Growth Hack Live!

Learn new ways to acquire customers from expert growth hacker and Woodridge Growth CEO, Chris Franco. With a client roster that includes two of the fastest companies to ever achieve $1 billion dollar valuations, Jet.com and FanDuel, and a proven track record for helping nearly every kind of business grow, Franco will show you the secrets to achieving exponential growth for your business in this exciting, first-of-its-kind session. 

If you would like to participate, contact Kelly Moran to submit your case for the Growth Hack – LIVE sessions. Those selected will receive a complimentary conference registration!

Why should you attend?
If you are going to take time out of the office, you need to make it count. The AMA 2016 Annual Conference cuts through the noise and focuses on The 7 Big Problems of Marketing​, the top challenges that marketers face today. 
  • ​Get answers to marketing problems that you can put in action—now.
  • Acquire additional tools and knowledge with optional pre-conference workshops*.
  • Share ideas with your peers and get strategies for solving your marketing challenges.
  • Get access to top industry thought leaders and grow your network.
  • Gain insight to help you influence positive change within your organization.

*Pre-conference sessions are optional and additional to the conference registration fee.  

WiFi & Work Time: The meeting space will include free Wifi and plenty of breaks throughout the day so you're free to keep up with what's happening at the office.

This year's esteemed Planning Committee includes:

Your Community is Waiting - Join Them in Orlando FL
October 5-7, 2016

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Registrants wishing to cancel may send someone to take their place without penalty if they send a written request with the replacement person’s name to info@ama.org at least two weeks prior to the event start date.

No refunds will be given as of September 21.

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Download the 2016 Annual Conference Full Schedule here! (.PDF)

Wednesday October 5, 2016​
Wednesday's conference program will be comprised of optional workshops sessions. These sessions are additional to the conference registration fee

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM - 

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Night Cap!
Grab a night cap with fellow attendees at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort's Strong Water Tavern! Unwind from your afternoon workshop or day of travel and connect with your community of marketers before we convene on Thursday morning and seek Answers in Action.

​​Thursday October 6, 2016

Breakfast, lunch and breaks will be provided throughout the day!


​Linda Boff

​12:15 PM - 1:15 PM - NETWORKING LUNCH​​


Jim Lecinski
Vice President, Integrated Sales and Chief ZMOT Evangelist, Google

Join us for a fun and festive Orlando gathering – mix, mingle and network while enjoying food, drinks and entertainment!

Purchase your 50% off ticket to this Universal Studios favorite (access to other attractions included!) by September 29th! Learn more here.​

Friday October 7, 2016


BV Pradeep
Global V
P Consumer & Market Insight for Country & Customer Development, Unilever
Presentation: Understanding People, not just consumers – the real competitive edge






Brian Miske
Presentation: The Pivot - Shaping a Responsive Enterprise through a Digital Lens


Why The Digital Transformation Creates Positive Opportunities for Marketers
Debbie Bates-Schrott, President and CEO, Bates Creative
Michael Spinosa, Chief Executive Officer, Unleashed Technologies
Just when you think you’ve mastered best practices, a new wave of innovation has emerged to shake up the marketplace, and in turn your business. Instead of viewing the digital transformation as a barrier for marketing professionals, this session will help you refocus to see it as an opportunity to stand out from the pack. Explore what the digital transformation actually entails for organizations today and how to determine the scale and scope of what is achievable for your brand. Because websites are the core of a dynamic digital presence, we’ll discuss how to discover how your site can integrate with and elevate existing and emerging technologies. Let’s navigate this digital transformation together.

Marketing to Millennials and the Rise of Relevance.
Lauri Baker, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Odyssey
How do millennials actually want to be marketed to? They’re savvy. They live in social. And they consider all advertising an extension of a brand’s voice. Join Lauri Baker, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Odyssey, a social content platform, as she leads an interactive discussion on how marketers need to shift their focus from reach to relevance when it comes to marketing to this highly-influential millennial demographic. 

Linda Boff, CMO, GE
At 124 years old, the one constant GE counts on is change. As GE evolves into the world's leading Digital Industrial company – connecting machines in every industry with industrial-strength strength -- it faces new challenges of how to market transformation. Join Linda Boff, GE's Chief Marketing Officer, as she outlines the key pillars guiding GE's most creative work and how GE constantly evolves its storytelling.

Innovating the Customer Journey
Jason Burnham, Principal, Communications and Design, Strativity
Your customer's journey is more than the digital path they followed to your door, learn how to use customer journeys as a starting point for innovation, ideation and growing your brand.  Strativity will share tips and ideas to spark innovation based on over 175+ transformations, impacting over 400M  customers and 700,000 employees.

Meghan Coles, Brand Strategy Lead, LinkedIn
Marketing as a discipline has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and the pace of change continues to accelerate.  Marketers today need to not only keep pace with the change as a practitioner, but also to develop talent, capabilities, and ultimately to impact business growth and customer loyalty. Join Meghan as she brings insights from inside Silicon Valley and beyond to discuss if today's marketing organization requires a complete revolution or if yesterday's fundamentals still succeed.

Frank Cowell, President, Elevator Agency
What the business of gold mining can teach you about how to systematically (and profitably!) generate inbound leads for your organization.

There's lots of talk about inbound lead generation through marketing automation these days. There's some really cool stuff happening, but the problem is that we're getting very distracted by all of the "shiny objects" at our disposal. As a result, there's a lot of jumping around from tactic to tactic with little to show for it.

In this presentation, Internet marketing veteran, Frank Cowell, shares what the business of gold mining can teach you about how to systematically and profitably generate leads and customer opportunities, and cure ""shiny object syndrome"" once and for all. Frank will be teaching you the seven stages of setting up, operating, and growing a lead generation program that consistently produces results.

Marc Dispensa, CTO, Equals 3
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a game-changer for every industry it enters. Discover how the power of today’s cognitive capabilities can be applied to the world of marketing. Introducing “Lucy,” powered by IBM Watson. She absorbs, analyzes and delivers insights from the entirety of your enterprise knowledge. What can you look forward to with a cognitive companion on the team? Productivity will grow, exponentially. Complex analysis becomes simple. One person will be able to accomplish 10 times more at a level of depth not possible before.

Occasion-based targeting and brand differentiation: how segmentation based on occasions can manifest in brand experience
Steve Dominguez, Vice President, Global Brands, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House
Hyatt Hotels as a brand portfolio is working to further differentiate its brand portfolio through a focus on the high-end consumer mindset and how this consumer is best served in different occasions across its brand portfolio. This presentation will share how occasion-based targeting is used by Hyatt brands to differentiate in a changing and increasing competitive marketplace.

Helen Donnelly, Director, Vertical Strategy, Verizon
You’re in a dogfight for your customers’ attention. Add to the mix a complex portfolio of products and services and a diverse set of target market segments and it’s enough to send even a seasoned marketer packing. What can you do to make your marketing campaigns stand apart? The answer: Relevance. Attend this session to learn how more targeted, use case-driven messaging can best attract and compel customers to engage. Helen, Executive Director, Vertical Strategy at Verizon Enterprise, will share practical examples from over 20 years selling and marketing technology solutions into B2B customers across practically every industry. She’ll discuss in this interactive session how to:

  • ​Convince product marketing to lead with why
  • Cast a smaller net but get better results 
  • Create use cases that pass the “so what?” test
  • Tap industry resources to do your marketing for you

Ash ElDifrawi, Chief Commercial Officer, Gogo 
Throughout his marketing roles at Google, Wrigley and Gogo, Ash ElDifrawi has witnessed first-hand why mastering the customer experience in business matters. What does a good customer experience look like and how do you get there? How do you measure the success of improving the customer experience?  Join Ash to discuss how improving the customer experience leads to success and how your company can continuously improve their customer experience.

Growth Hack – LIVE!
Chris Franco, Founder & CEO, Woodridge Growth
Learn new ways to acquire customers from expert growth hacker and Woodridge Growth CEO, Chris Franco. With a client roster that includes two of the fastest companies to ever achieve $1 billion dollar valuations, Jet.com and FanDuel, and a proven track record for helping nearly every kind of business grow, Franco will show you the secrets to achieving exponential growth for your business in this exciting, first-of-its-kind session. ​

If you would like to participate, contact Kelly Moran to submit your case for the Growth Hack – LIVE sessions. Those selected will receive a complimentary conference registration!

A Toast to New Drinkers
Megan Frank, Vice President, Global Marketing, Jim Beam
How does a 220 year old brand identify new sources of growth? Come find out how one globally iconic brand leveraged their deep consumer understanding to redefine innovation, which allowed them to reach new markets and expand occasions -- driving unprecedented sales and equity growth. 

Disruptive Innovation:  Changing The Direction Of A Category With Coca-Cola Freestyle…A Few Lessons Learned.
Chris Hellmann, Global Vice President and General Manager, Coca-Cola Freestyle Division
Consumers expect businesses that serve them to keep up – from customer service to communication to personalized offers based on what they like.  The Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensing system was introduced to the fountain/foodservice business in 2010 with a radical approach to beverage customization, branding and connectivity.  This innovative dispenser completely changed how fountain beverages are made, delivered and marketed. Chris Hellmann, the Global VP and GM responsible for The Coca-Cola Freestyle Division discusses lessons learned through the development and execution of this disruptive innovation in today’s market place.   

Neal Hoffman, Creator, Mensch on a Bench
Session will feature the story and lessons of creating an emotional connection to your consumer,  building a brand around authenticity, creating a breakthrough PR story and a behind the scenes look at Shark Tank.   There will be plenty of time allocated for Q&A to allow for discussion.

From Brandwheels to Sandwich Boards: Lessons from a Founder Culture on Driving Authenticity and Loyalty in Your Brand
Rita Hudetz, Chief Commercial Officer, Hu Products
Rita Hudetz, PepsiCo veteran and chief commercial officer of Hu Products, a cult NYC high quality/ low processed food company will talk about her experience transitioning from the 'big corporate' to 'scrappy start-up' marketing mentality. Focus of the talk will be on driving authenticity and maintaining authenticity while growing, taking low-cost risks in marketing, influencer marketing, cross promotion and brand ambassadors, leveraging non-traditional marketing assets, and innovating and marketing for the millennial 'hyper seeker.' 

Balancing Incremental and Radical Innovation
David Hurley, Founder and CTO, Mautic
Is your marketing on the edge? Taking advantage of current trends requires an agile marketing strategy, a flexible framework, and the ability to make changes to marketing campaigns at a moment’s notice. However, trying to meet the future’s challenges with yesterday’s tools often leads to disappointing results. In this session we’ll explore how to innovate your marketing at the speed of a startup while maintaining brand and marketing consistency in a timeless fashion. 

Ami Krishan, Global Category Director, Sweeteners, Tate & Lyle
Transitioning from B2C to a B2B marketing organization can be a significant change for traditional CPG marketeers.  Demonstrating how marketing can play a pivotal role in shaping an organizations future is critical in order to have a voice at the C-Suite level.  Join Ami Krishan, Global Category Director at Tate & Lyle, as he shares his perspective on the skill sets required to move business teams  and lead change within a B2B structure.  In this informative session, we will explore the barriers that can hold back many marketeers and the mindset required to successfully influence senior management. 

John Lane, Chief Strategy Officer, Centerline Digital
As marketers (hell, as humans), we're all striving to make deeper connections - and usually that's done through the exchange of value, and in the case of marketing, some type of valuable information. Yet that's only one piece of the puzzle. How well do you know your audience? How sure are you that the content and experiences you’re putting valuable time and resources into are having the desired effect? 

In this session, we’ll explore a new marketing paradigm to be successful “marketing for today.” Along with case studies of modern marketing success — and the ideas you can steal from them! — we’ll also include a rapid persona building exercise and a methodology for grading content efficacy. 

Andy Lausch, Senior Director, Analytics & Insights, CDW
The world of marketing is quickly moving from one dominated by qualitative opinion to one driven by quantitative fact.  Further, business leaders are demanding increased relevance and ROI from the marketing function.  

In this evolving world it is imperative that marketers of the future effectively take the ingredients of modern marketing – art and science – and combine them to create, hone, and effectively communicate, simple yet impactful insights to key stakeholders.  This, of course, is in addition to providing timely and context-specific marketing that is relevant and valuable to internal stakeholders (i.e., Sales) and external customers alike.

Learn how one salesman-turned-marketer is evolving in his role from “mad man” to “math man,” and how you can leverage some of his firm’s “lessons learned” in your organization.

Jim Lecinski, Vice President, Integrated Sales and Chief ZMOT Evangelist, Google
As the consumers continue to become more and more connected, their use of digital is changing the way they make buying decisions, and marketers need to change the way they build and grow their brands.  In this "New Normal" there are five key questions that will help marketers be more successful.  This session will share those questions along with practical examples and tips that marketers can take away to act on now.
Note: Annual Conference attendees will receive one thought leadership email from Google after the conference concludes.

April Leonard, Director of Marketing, Topgolf
How do you take what might appear to be a stodgy product and turn it into one of the hottest brands around?  The formula includes a healthy dose of consumer insight coupled with creativity and the willingness to take risks.  Join April Leonard, Director of Marketing for Topgolf as she discusses how to take a traditional sport and make it digital.  Her talk will explain how Topgolf is taking the game of golf into the digital arena through game play, its marketing and untraditional media.

Autumn McDonald, Senior Director Global Consumer Insights, Hershey Company
This session will cover a holistic approach to consumer segmentation and how it can be used to drive towards breakthroughs in portfolio management and consumer relevance.

The Pivot - Shaping a Responsive Enterprise through a Digital Lens 
Brian Miske – Chief Marketing Officer, KPMG MSLP
Leaders and organizations are faced with a difficult decision of disrupt or being disrupted; transform digitally on behalf of customers, or risk being abandoned by responsive and agile competitors, disruptive market entrants or new digital business innovations.  The Pivot is about understanding the three core elements important to the organization and marketing professionals to compete in a market environment in near-constant disruption. Agile organizations are pivoting to create "responsive enterprises and connected ecosystems leading back to the customer”.

How Brands Can Break Through
Jay Porter, President, Edelman Chicago
Around the world, people are increasingly willing to partner with brands for a better life – personal and societal. Join Jay Porter, president of Edelman Chicago, as he shares the findings from Edelman’s Earned Brand 2016 study, a survey of 13,000 consumers in 13 countries. The study uses a first-of-its-kind measure, the Edelman Brand Relationship Index, to uncover a surprising, unrealized opportunity for brands to strengthen their relationships with consumers – and bolster their bottom line. At this session, you’ll learn:
  • How brands can unlock the full potential of the consumer relationship
  • How stronger consumer relationships can protect against challenger disruption and give a brand a license to disrupt
  • Why marketers should tailor their media mix to reach more committed consumers
  • Which actions a brand should take to make consumers more likely to buy, advocate for, and defend it
Understanding People, not just consumers – the real competitive edge
BV Pradeep, Global VP Consumer & Market Insight for Country & Customer Development, Unilever

It is well established that understanding our consumers, is crucial to drive growth of brands & businesses. However, quite often, significant focus is on understanding them as consumers of XYZ product categories.

This session will focus on highlighting the significant importance of understanding our consumers, as PEOPLE first. Pradeep will focus on how the local culture and context of consumers, impacts their needs  and the way they engage with brands & communication. This assumes even greater importance, in the context of Global marketing of brands. 

Understanding the local cultures and nuances insightfully, can provide a decisive advantage for a business, in a world where technology & product functionality, are parity most of the time. It also helps build strong brand love & affinity , as people feel engaged & connected.

From Shoe Polish to the Coolest Brand in America
Bridget Russo, CMO, Shinola
Join Bridget Russo, CMO of Shinola for this fireside chat, led by Lauren McCadney, Annual Conference Planning Committee member and Marketing Executive at CDW as they discuss Shinola’s story, aligning with Detroit and becoming the coolest brand in America. 

Marketing movies by occasion: An omni-channel approach
Dan Stanton, Senior Director of Retail Strategy, NBC Universal
In a category where customers can both purchase and consume the product digitally, Universal has developed a portfolio approach spanning digital and physical platforms with a focus on consumption occasion.  This session will cover the hurdles and opportunities that face brands and products as they add a digital distribution platform. 

Shifting to a Customer-Centered Content Marketing Model
Bonnie Voldeng, Director Go-to-Market and Content Strategy, FedEx
Bonnie will provide insights into how content marketing and digital transformation work together to drive customer engagement and business value. In this 24/7 digitally connected world, customer expectations are high. They expect business partners to know them, and present relevant, authentic content and solutions that meet their unique needs. Businesses need to leverage digital technology to deliver personalized experience that drives the customer emotion and attachment with the brand.


Richard Scionti, Partner, Technology & Analytics Practice Lead, Cambiar, LLC with
Amy Perifanos, Vice President, Arti|fact, Gongos, Inc.
In market research, especially custom research,  we often obsess about the now of each project.  However, for marketers that project is one piece in a potential mosaic of consumer and market understanding.  How can you use concepts of data curation and technology to drive better lifetime value of data and actionability of insights?
You will leave this session with:
  • ​Principles of data curation to organize, annotate and stage data.  
  • Discover a range of tools for socializing insight.
  • Skills needed for curation.
Ted Frank, Principal, Backstories Studio
In this workshop, you’ll learn step-by-step how to turn your insights or strategy into a c-suite-ready story that will get you buy-in.
First you’ll learn about how to find the story in even complicated data and how to turn a boring slide into one that’s simple, powerful and visual.
Then we'll take it up a few notches and learn step-by-step how to turn a full project into a strategic story using techniques used in movies – movies that everyone loves. At each step, you’ll get a chance to apply these principles to your project.
Perfect for:  Those who present high- and mid-level presentations and do not want to do the same old PowerPoint deck.

Write a Marketing Plan In Three Hours 
Kay Keenan, President, Growth Consulting Inc.
This tutorial session was so well received for the last three years at the AMA National Nonprofit Conference we invited Kay to do it in Orlando for you. 

Every organization is looking for ways to reach their targets efficiently. There aren’t ever enough marketing dollars! This highly interactive session will help you create a first draft marketing plan tailored for your organization. It will include working with upper management, sales and  everyone else to achieve your organization’s needs. Bring with you a  copy of your company’s strategic plan because all good marketing plans build on the organization’s strategy . You will also receive a copy of a Marketing Plan to help you create yours.

 Key Learning Objectives:

  • ​Leave with a “first draft” marketing plan for our organization.
  • How to keep your organization focused for effective marketing.
  • How to use your time for the best results for your organization.

Note: This is a hands on working session so come prepared to create your 2017 Marketing Plan.

Golden Purpose: Developing a Leading Edge to Cut Through the Noise.
David Gardner, Founder & CEO,

We move through a very loud and busy world today. Without a strong brand position strategy, yours can get lost in all of the noise. But, what is Brand Positioning Strategy? How do you establish a strong Brand Position? How does it inform messaging and product building? During this session, ColorJar Founder & CEO David Gardner will provide the answers.

Using case studies from successful clients, tried and true “next” practice tactics and taking on an attendee’s company to walk through the process, you will leave this workshop with the following takeaways:

  • ​A firm grasp on what Brand Positioning Strategy is.
  • The tools and ability to conduct your own brand positioning strategy when you return to the office
  • The ability to apply a newly established Brand Position to your company's messaging & product building


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There are complimentary scheduled buses available to transport guests to SeaWorld Orlando®, Aquatica™ and Wet 'n Wild®. Reservations are required for this service. Upon arrival, contact the concierge desk at the individual hotel to confirm transportation. 

Airport Transportation
Airport shuttle service is available for hotel guests arriving into Orlando International Airport through Mears Transportation. Reservations are required. Please contact Mears Transportation​ at +1.407.423.5566.
$21.00 one-way 
$33.00 roundtrip
Fares are subject to change without notice.

Taxis are readily available at the Orlando International Airport. The estimated taxi fare is approximately $50.00-$60.00 one-way.

Hotel Dining Shuttle
Complimentary shuttle service is provided for hotel guests traveling to each of the on-site hotel restaurants during limited hours. Call +1.407.503.DINE (3463) or visit the hotel concierge. 

ar Rental
Car rental available on-site. 

isney Transportation
Transportation to Walt Disney World® can be arranged through the Universal Ticket Desk (fees apply). 

Resort transportation is based on avail

Parking at the Hotel 
Overnight Guests
Self-Parking: $22.00 plus tax per night, per vehicle 
Valet Parking: $29.00 plus tax per night, per vehicle 

Day Guests
Self-Parking: $24.00 plus tax, per vehicle 
Valet Parking: $34.00 plus tax, per vehicle 

Rates are subject to change without notice.


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