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Andy Friedman, Chief Content Officer
AMA Winter 2016
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Key Takeaways

What? The AMA's Intellectual Agenda is meant to inspire thought, research and advancement in the field.

So what? The seminal, "big tent" document highlights the 7 Big Problems of Marketing

Now what? Marketers should look to the AMA and participate to advance discourse in the field in order to benefit every day from Answers in Action.

The AMA is releasing its first-ever intellectual agenda. CEO Russ Klein unveiled the long-awaited document in a well-attended discussion at Winter AMA in Las Vegas on February 27, 2016.

The intellectual agenda is meant to serve as a source of guidance and inspiration for marketing professionals as well as academics. 

As such, it will be the basis for all of the AMA's content and intellectual capital for academics ​and practicing marketers going forward, as the organization strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping the practice of marketing today. 

In this way, the AMA hopes to remain the essential community for marketers. 

Please feel free to download the AMA Intellectual Agenda 1.0.

Referred to as Intellectual Agenda 1.0, it outlines the four personas the AMA strives to serve with thought leadership:

  • The Enlightened Initiate
  • The Marketer Maestro
  • The Sales Champion
  • The Applied Academic

The composition of Intellectual Agenda 1.0 is the result of intense collaboration between the AMA, the "core team" of advisors, ad hoc board advisors and members of the AMA's many constituencies.

Watch Russ Klein talk about Intellectual Agenda 1.0 and its importance to the AMA and the marketing community as a whole. 

Marketing's Seven Big Problems​

This list of major issues facing marketers today forms the basis of Intellectual Agenda 1.0's approach to content. Providing context to everything from articles to conference themes, these problems cover issues that are "make or break" for today's enterprises and the careers of most marketers as well. They include:

  1. Effectively targeting high value sources of growth
  2. The role of marketing in the firm and the C-Suite
  3. The digital transformation of the modern corporation
  4. Generating and using insight to shape marketing practice
  5. Dealing with an omni-channel world
  6. Competing in dynamic, global markets
  7. Balancing incremental and radical innovation

Noted academic Bernard Jaworski is the originator behind six of the seven problems and AMA Board Chairman Rob Malcolm composed the first problem, which deals with effective market targeting.

Watch Dr. Jaworski talk about the Seven Big Problems and their importance: 

Bernie Jaworski and the 7 Big Problems in Marketing from American Marketing Association on Vimeo.

When Intellectual Agenda 1.0 was released, there was a robust discussion about the Seven Big Problems. As both Klein and Jaworski mention, the document is a living, breathing entity and it's likely the Seven Big Problems will evolve along with marketing itself. 

The AMA has composed the following video which further illustrates the genesis and context for the Seven Big Problems, which you may enjoy viewing below:

7 Big Problems of Marketing from American Marketing Association on Vimeo.

The AMA invites you and all marketing professionals and academics to participate with us as we discuss and solve for the Seven Big Problems and, as a result, refine the Intellectual Agenda. 

Read more from Winter AMA 2016:

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Andy Friedman, Chief Content Officer
Andy Friedman is a veteran writer, author and speaker in the field of marketing and actually got his start in broadcasting.
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