8 Tips to Land the Job You Want

Michelle Markelz
2016 AMA Collegiate
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What? To land a job you need a strong online presence. Brand yourself through your social channels.

So what? You can increase your chances of being noticed and recruited by engaging with employers via LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms.

Now what? Use your social persona as a marketing platform for your personal brand. Be professional, but show your personality.

Aerotek corporate recruiter Victoria Gates gives an insider’s perspective on what employers are looking for in candidates

1. Define your mission statement.

This is where building your brand begins. Use this as your LinkedIn headline. Be clear and concise but also creative. Rather than “graduate seeking employment,” say something like “marketing graduate seeking opportunities to use my social media expertise.”

2. Use social media to engage with the employers you want to work for.

According to surveys, 77% of HR professionals say they use social networking sites to recruit, and 73% of people 18-34 years old found their last job through social channels. Follow and engage with the companies you’re interested in on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Gates suggests finding out what about their brand resonates with you, and align those values with your own. 

3. Build a positive online presence

Be active and relevant on your social accounts. Post with regularity and show you know how to leverage the platforms. Be professional, and reinforce your mission statement by interacting with people and businesses in your field and line of interests.

4. Be easy to find.

Achieving LinkedIn all-star status will land you at the top of the list when employers search for candidates. To gain this status, you’ll need:

  • a photo
  • a headline
  • an industry and location
  • a summary
  • a minimum of three experiences
  • education
  • five or more skills
  • at least 50 connections

5. Put your best face forward.

Make sure your social profiles have a photo of you—not a group of people. Smile. Look personable. Keep things appropriate, but show your personality and interests. You don’t need to be staunch or sterile, Gates says.

6. Say it with experience.

LinkedIn is not a resume, Gates says. Use the experience section of your profile to explain what you accomplished in each position in a way that isn’t vague, predictable or fluffy. If you were promoted, recognized for an achievement or took on unique responsibilities, call it out.

7. Nail the interview (and the second interview).

Do your homework and research a company before interviewing for a job there. Gates suggests using the company site and social channels to learn more about it. Be prepared to tell a story. Behavioral interview questions can sound daunting, but the key is to talk about your experiences in a logical, linear way that clearly demonstrates your skills.

8. Follow up within 24 hours.

Don’t miss your window of opportunity. The thank you note, hand-written or digital, never goes out of style.


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Michelle Markelz
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