8 Things Corporate Sales and Job Hunting Have in Common

Molly Soat
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Key Takeaways
What? Sales strategies and job-hunting next practices are sometimes one and the same.

So What? The skills you learn as you’re job hunting will serve you well in the sales and marketing field.
Now What? Pay attention to your personal brand to stand out in a crowded job market. Be courageous in your choices and be curious in your hunt.
​When Will Womble, current division manager at Genentech Biotechnology, started his college internship at KPMG he hadn’t figure out what his purpose was, but he figured out what he wanted to do in his career: inspire others.

Through his start in the sales field, he realized that he had no hope to become a partner in a sales company without nailing the biggest clients.

To nail those big clients, Womble says, you have to know how to market yourself. Marketing is the key to sales, because you have to market yourself to clients. Therefore, he says, once he realized he needed to major in marketing in school he was on the right track.

Below is Womble’s top career advice (that also happens to be corporate sales strategy next practices).

What’s Your Story?
Figure out not only what your story is, but how to tell your story. Womble works at a biotech company because he wants to help people and he’s passionate about it. Without that passion, there’s nothing to sell.

Branding is Strategic
You are your own brand, so dress for the job you want.

Don’t Fear
Be courageous in your choices, in how you go after clients and projects, and put yourself out there.

Dealing with Adversity
You will always face some kind of problem or issue. How you react to that adversity is the true test of character. If you face adversity, do you just step away or do you try again?

Be Curious
But don’t look too hard for a force fit. Don’t force things, especially career moves, but be curious about everything that comes your way.

Step up Your Sock Game
Do things that make you stand out in the field. Wear funky socks or create a catch phrase—just make sure people remember you.

Stay Three Steps Ahead
Look forward, read ahead in school, and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

Put in the Extra Effort
Make that extra cold call, stay later than everyone else and always try to be the top person in the office.

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