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​Students used a variety of visual displays to showcase everything from class projects to market analysis.
​They used cardboard, computers and creativity to showcase their talent. Students from a couple dozen universities took part in the Student Poster Session at the 2016 AMA International Collegiate Conference.

Some posters were in the form of computer Powerpoints while others were cardboard displays.

Students from SUNY did a three panel exhibit on a cause marketing campaign. Kate McDonald from Oklahoma Christian University did a detailed project plan for a client website project. And AMA members enjoyed the "Why Did You Join AMA" poster constructed by students from Cal State Fullerton.

Students were instructed to submit proposals ahead of time, including an abstrct of no more than 100 words, preparing them to think in visual terms.

AMA Collegiate Communities Manager Kyle Hernandez commented, "More and more of our students are doing excellent research in a variety of marketing fields and this new session gives them a forum to share their research with us. Some of the poster session entrants are able to actually get conference travel funding based on their poster project acceptance."

Check out this photo slideshow of some of these posters:


 Student Poster Displays


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