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How Does It Work?

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    Access the AMA Center for Certification and receive our free introductory package (registration or login required) which includes a practice exam to help you know where your knowledge is up to date and which areas you need help improving.

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    Study. We’ve prepared a preferred reading list and recommend that you purchase the accompanying AMA PCM®, Marketing Management Study Package ($99 for AMA members/$149 for non-members).  This coursework will walk you through all the elements you need to know for the certification test while also providing sample exam questions.

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    Take the exam. This multiple-choice, online test will take about three hours to complete with the option of a 30-minute break halfway through. The cost is $99 for AMA members and $299 for non-members.

Looking for more details? Download our free handbook for a full rundown of the PCM®, Marketing Management program.


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Why Should I Choose AMA PCM, Marketing Management Certification?

Whether you’re a marketing team of one, the leader of a large department or somewhere in-between, you need a full range of skills and knowledge to make the biggest impact in the work you’re doing.

Prove your marketing toolbox is full of the best equipment by becoming a Professional Certified Marketer® in Marketing Management. This is the pioneer certification from the AMA trusted by hundreds of professionals with a new name that better shows the world your area of expertise. You can complete the training on your own time and the PCM®, Marketing Management is open to any professional serious about becoming a stand-out marketer.

This certification is based on a Body of Knowledge that covers fundamental marketing topics like planning, branding, pricing, integrated marcom, advertising, public relations, social media, analytics, research, ethics and more. 

PCM® Certification is backed by the American Marketing Association—the largest professional marketing association in the world working to discover the next best practices in the industry. We’ve created and vetted our PCM® programs to make sure you’re equipped with the skills to make a difference in your career. Don’t believe us? Check out these testimonials.

What Happens Once I Pass?

First, you can proudly add the letters P-C-M behind your name, showing you’ve put in the work to master marketing management. We’ll also send you a certificate.

But passing the exam alone doesn’t mean you’re done. While your certification is good for three years, you’ll also have to complete 30 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) during that 3-year span. How you do it is up to you, but a list of potential CEUs can be found in the PCM®, Marketing Management handbook. Finishing these CEUs helps you stay current and adds weight to your PCM®, Marketing Management Certification.

Resources for AMA PCM® Marketing Management:

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  • iconKnowledge.gif Unlock your full potential by proving you have the skill to tackle marketing management challenges your business faces.
  • iconAdvancedTraining.gifBoost your knowledge with advanced training from industry experts who understand current and future marketing trends.
  • iconGrowth.gifAdvance your career and increase your marketability by showing you’re a Professional Certified Marketer® who’s serious about marketing.

Who Should Register

  • Marketers
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • CMOs
  • Entrepreneurs

Already an AMA PCM? Remember to log your CEUs toward recertification.