Digital Marketing Certification: Skillsets

​Here's what you need to know in order to pass the AMA Digital Marketing Certification exam.

We have consulted industry experts and surveyed thousands of digital marketers across the country to let you know what the most pertinent, relevant and in-demand digital marketing skills are right now.

You can get command of these skills quickly by taking our AMA Approved courses on LinkedIn Learning.

The top in-demand skillsets fall under seven categories. They're all listed below. 

Metrics & Conversions

Learn skills to successfully measure marketing performance, visitor engagement, and evaluate campaign profitability.

Topics include: Common KPIs, Google Analytics, Attribution Analysis, ROI Analysis, A/B Testing, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Payment Metrics.

Social & Community

Learn how to optimize social exposure, create strategic and compelling content, understand brand awareness, and measure social profitability.

Topics include: Content Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat, YouTube, Social Content, Influencer Strategies, Brand Reputation, Blogging, Crisis & Community, Social Employees, and Viral Marketing.

Email Marketing

Learn skills that will help you maximize email marketing campaigns, understand optimal audience outreach, and analyze customer interactions & data.

Topics include: Campaign Development, List Management, Performance Metrics, Personalization Tools, HTML Newsletters, Marketing Automation, and CRM.


User Interface & Experience

Gain the knowledge to drive revenue and ROI through the user experience, attract customers through multiple digital channels, build smart site and mobile experiences, and produce rich media for marketing and advertising.

Topics include: Overall Digital Strategy, CRO, Web Design, eCommerce, Inbound Marketing, HTML & CSS, Photoshop, Online Video, Mobile Platforms, Build/Buy an App, and Location-Based.


Online Advertising

Learn best practices for initiating consumer interest through search keywords, targeted advertising, social advertising, and sponsored content.

Topics include: Google AdWords & AdSense, Facebook & Twitter Ads, Retargeting, Lead Gen, LinkedIn Ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Banners, and Sponsored Content.


Learn skills to optimize a brand’s visibility for search engines, improve search ranking by using optimal keywords and metadata, and use SEO to optimize positive messaging around brand experience.

Topics include: SEO Tools & Metrics, SEO Link Building, SEO For Localization, Keyword Strategy, Video SEO, Technical SEO, SEO for eCommerce, SEO & Content Marketing, and Reputation Management.


Content Marketing

Gain a better understanding about how creating, promoting and measuring valuable and relevant content can attract and engage a profitable audience.

Topics include: Lead generation, Content Marketing, Enterprise Marketing, Small Business Marketing, Branding, Newwsletters, blogs

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