Content Marketing Certification: Skillsets

​Here's what you need to know in order to pass the AMA Content Marketing Certification exam.

We have consulted industry experts and surveyed thousands of marketers across the country to let you know what the most pertinent, relevant and in-demand content marketing skills are right now.

You can get command of these skills quickly by taking our AMA Approved courses on LinkedIn Learning.

The top in-demand skillsets fall under seven categories. They're all listed below. 


Learn how to define and identify the business or organizational value of content marketing, transition your efforts to a digital landscape, and outline a roadmap to content marketing success beginning with goals and concluding with an actionable measurement system.


Learn to plan your content by aligning your goals with appropriate audiences, channels, and content forms.  Learn how to develop an editorial production calendar, create and pitch a visual campaign, and produce webinars.


Learn to leverage content marketing in a variety of written, visual, and audio formats. Learn to improve your content headlines and marketing copy for maximum effectiveness.


Learn best practices on optimizing, distributing, and promoting your content. Generate targeted visibility and engagement through newsletters, social media, and off-page search engine optimization.


Learn to identify and measure key performance indicators (KPI), track performance—traffic, conversions, engagement—with Google Analytics and other platforms.

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