How to Maintain Your Professional Certified Marketer Status

To maintain your AMA PCM® certification, AMA requires you to pursue ongoing marketing education and growth in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and to recertify every 3 years. This applies to all AMA PCM®  exams.


How Do I Earn CEUs?


You are required to complete 30 units (with an annual requirement of 10 units) of continuing education every 3 years (each unit represents approximately one hour of activity). These hours may be accumulated in multiple ways, including attending events, webcasts, virtual conferences, and participating in other activities that contribute to your professional growth and the marketing community including in person training.

The AMA encourages you to pursue your CEUs through a variety of reputable sources in the marketing community.

Click here for a complete list of eligible CEUs.


How Do I Log CEUs?

  1. Go to your AMA Center for Certification dashboard (AMA login required)
  2. Click on My Transcript at the top of your screen
  3. Select Credits
  4. Click Add CEU Activity and complete the required fields

How Do I Recertify?

  1. Verify that you have earned and submitted the required 30 CEUs at the AMA Center for Certification dashboard.

  2. Take note of the expiration date on your certificate. The transcript on your certification dashboard (AMA login required).

  3. If you are qualified to recertify, please submit your recertification request to There will be a $75 recertifiation fee.

If, at the time of your certification's expiration, you have not earned the required CEUs, you may choose to retake the AMA PCM® Certification Exam at full price.

Share Your AMA PCM® Certification:

There are a number of ways to inform your employers, peers, and clients of your AMA PCM® certification. For example

•    Identify yourself as an AMA PCM® (i.e., John Smith, PCM) on all correspondence

•    Update your social media accounts including LinkedIn and Twitter

•    Add AMA PCM® to your business card and email signature
•    Display your AMA PCM® Certificate in your home or office
•    Include in registration at AMA events, professional development activities, and networking functions

•    Send a press release to your clients, or announce your credential in your company's internal newsletter

Questions? Contact the AMA at

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