FAQs About AMA Certification

Q: I have a marketing degree. Why do I need a certification?

A: Marketing is changing fast. Our program keeps you current and relevant; proving you are up-to-date on the latest skills. Also, AMA PCM® certifications come with continuing education and recertification requirements. All of this helps make sure you’re equipped with the latest thinking and techniques to do your job well.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to receive AMA PCM® Certification?

A: We welcome all marketers who want to move ahead and prove their competency to receive their certification.

The AMA recommends that you have the following minimum level of education and/or experience before taking the certification exam. While this is not required at this time, you will want to consider these recommendations when deciding if you wish to pursue the PCM certification

  • Bachelor’s degree and 4 years of professional marketing experience, or
  • Master’s degree and 2 years of professional marketing experience, or
  • 7 years of professional marketing experience

Q: There are other marketing certifications available in the market. Why should I consider the AMA PCM® Certification?

A: Most other certifications require you to pay for proprietary coursework. Some give you a time limit for studying as well. Our program is flexible and built around you. While we recommend you use our suggested coursework, how you prepare is up to you. Our exam is modern and rigorous. We believe passing it will give you the confidence and proof you need to show you know the latest skills to advance your career.


About the Certification Exams:

Q: How do I know if I have the skills needed to pass an AMA PCM® test?

A: We have practice and sample exams for each PCM® certification. They cover the skill areas of the certification exam and give you a feel for what the test questions are like. Plus, the Body of Knowledge for each exam can be used to assess your readiness. If you feel confident, why not sign-up and take the exam? If you do not pass, you’ll receive detailed feedback on the areas where you need improvement and you’ll get two more attempts without having to pay an additional fee.

Q: Am I required to use the recommended study paths to prepare for AMA PCM® certification?

A: No. You can choose to prepare for the test anyway you’d like. Although our recommended resources are designed to be the most comprehensive prep work you can do.

Q: If I decide to use the recommended study materials, do I have to complete every part of the coursework?

A: We recommend you do. However, you know your skillset best and can modify your preparation accordingly.

Q: If I pay for the certification test, or if I’m an AMA member, do I still have to pay for the study materials?

A: Yes. For the PCM®, Digital Marketing and PCM®, Content Marketing certification, LinkedIn Learning is a top provider of educational videos and you will have to pay a modest fee for access. (Or new users can utilize a 10-day free trial.) The recommended text for PCM®, Marketing Management is also available for purchase.

Q: How can I increase my chances of passing the exam?

A: Our experience shows if you complete the recommended study materials in the recommended order, in a relatively short period of time, the knowledge will stay fresh in your mind and you will be best equipped to pass the exam.

Q: What if I take a PCM® exam and do not pass?

A: Don’t worry. Our tests can be challenging. You have up to three attempts to pass.

Q: What’s the difference between various AMA certifications?

A: Each PCM® exam is specifically designed to prove competency in a concentrated skill area. You should select a topic that has the most relevance in your particular industry.

Q: Can I have multiple PCM® certifications?

A: Yes! Our PCM® program has multiple tracks and exams to help you prove your skills in various areas. Each track offers its own recommended study resources, exam and fee.

Q: How can I tell the world that I received my AMA PCM®, Digital Marketing Certification?

A: Be proud of your accomplishment! Upon passing the exam, you can download a certificate and badge (which you may also post to your LinkedIn profile (instructions) And most importantly, you can use the 3-letters P-C-M after your name (Awesome McMarketer, PCM®).


Continuing Education and Recertification:

Q: How do I know which courses, conferences or training session are accepted as continuing education units (CEUs)?

A: To remain certified, you’ll need to complete ten CEUs a year. An online digital marketing course on Lynda.com, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, MediaBistro or another provider lasting at least one hour will count as a single CEU. An in-person training session or panel discussion lasting at least 90 minutes will also count as one CEU. How to maintain your certification and log your CEUs.

Q: I have multiple PCM® certifications. Can I use a class I just attended as a CEU in each one?

A: Yes, provided that the course relates to the Body of Knowledge of both your PCM certifications. ​

Q: Does the AMA provide options for accommodating individuals who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA?)

A. Yes, The AMA is committed to providing testing accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Upon request the AMA will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations on the PCM certification exams for individuals with documented disabilities.

Testing accommodations are individualized and are considered on a case-by-case basis. There is no single type of test accommodation (e.g. extra time) that would be appropriate for all individuals with disabilities.

Each request for testing accommodations is valid for one registration (up to three attempts). Any additional registrations (same exam or another exam) will require the submitting of a new form. After approval of accommodations, candidate request form and any further documentation provided will be destroyed.

As the PCM exams are administered online, candidates may use their own comfort aids (e.g. wheelchair, ergonomic mouse, etc.) without submitting a request for testing accommodations. 

Please email pcm@ama.org for a Test Accommodations Form.​ 

Need Assistance? Contact Us at pcm@ama.org.

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