Enabling Sales: Developing the Perfect Pitch Deck


Tuesday, September 29 (All Times Central)

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Establishing the Story

Knowing Your Audience

  • Factoring in your understanding of competitors, personas and industry in your pitch
  • Activity: Walkthrough a worksheet on key points of consideration to ensure your deck is customer-centric

Building the Deck

Building a pitch deck library 

  • The Four Key Slides in every deck 
  • Activity: Breakout groups where participants talk about their four key slides 

How to encourage personalization and limit Frankenstein decks

Training and Enabling Sales

The internal pitch deck

  • The Importance of Story – the need to ensure Sales has a strong understanding of the story

Building a sales feedback loop

  • Working with a tiger team of reps to ensure you’re building a story others want to share
  • Building trust with sales