Demand Generation

Chicago, IL

Wednesday, June 17

8:00 am - 8:30 am

Hot Breakfast and Registration

We’ll kick off the day with a nice breakfast. You’ll also be provided with lunch and breaks throughout the day.

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Demand Generation Strategy

  • Set the stage: What is Demand Generation?
    • Define demand gen and nuances in B2C, B2B, public and private sectors
  • Demand Gen Strategy
    • How will you drive demand to meet revenue, growth, acquisition and retention goals?
    • Explore routes to market, segmentation, competition and differentiated messages that matter

EXERCISE: Craft a Demand Gen Strategy

Know Your Customer

  • Get to know your key audiences in an actionable way
  • Translate audiences into personas to activate a meaningful client experience

EXERCISE: Create a Persona

Journey Mapping

  • Explore the demand funnel and its role in customer journeys
  • How do you create intentional interactions at every touchpoint across the funnel, from acquisition through expansion and advocacy?

EXERCISE: Create a Customer Journey Map

Day 1 Recap / Q+A and Day 2 Preview

Thursday, June 18

8:00 am - 8:30 am


8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Content Strategy Part I: Create Content

  • The art of storytelling to drive demand
  • Examine story development, content assets/formats and content curation

EXERCISE: Create a Content Strategy in Support of the Customer Journey

Content Strategy Part II: Distribute Content

  • Paid, owned, earned, shared media
  • Marketing mix in support of marketing objectives, budget and persona preferences

EXERCISE: Create a Content Distribution Plan Aligned to the Persona

Measuring, Reporting & Optimizing

  • How do you set objectives? What do you measure?
  • Establish KPIs up, down and across your demand plan
  • Using testing plans to fuel optimization

EXERCISE: Create a Demand Gen Measurement Dashboard

Presenting a Demand Gen Plan and Results for Impact

  • Types of results: ROI, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Results vs Insights: Know the difference
  • Determine what matters: Business conversation vs marketing conversation
  • Levers of optimization to improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing investment

EXERCISE: Present a Demand Gen Plan and Results

Now What? Create an Action Plan

  • Translate learnings into next steps
  • Assess where to start and what you’ll need
  • How do I stay accountable?

EXERCISE: Craft Demand Generation Action Plan