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Brand Strategy 101

Brand Strategy 101

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Join Lisa Guillot, Founder, Be Bright Lisa Coaching, as she discusses how to craft a brand strategy and commitment, how to establish a niche brand voice from a visual and verbal perspective, and what you need to share a brand in a super powerful way.

In this course we are going to explore the ingredients of an impactful brand strategy:

  • Brand Commitment
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Voice Positioning

With practice and a dash of curiosity, we will reveal what’s needed to bring a brand to life using this formula:
Brand Commitment + Brand Voice + Design + Implementation = Brand Strategy.

Length of Time: Approximately 1 Hour

Course Outline

2.Ingredients Exercise
3.Brand Commitment Exercise
4.Feeding America Example
5.Brand Commitment Model
6.Mind Mapping Technique Exercise
7.Finding Your Color Palette and Style
8.Introduction to Brand Touch Points Strategy
9.Distinctions between branding, marketing, and advertising
10.How to Build a Brand Strategy Roadmap
11.Step 1: Target Audience
12.Step 2: Business & Revenue Goals
13.Step 3: Identify the Gap
14.Step 4: Implementation
15.Bonvivant Cake Example
16.Vichcraft Example
17.Tom's Shoes Example
18.Next Steps
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