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Stacie Garlie, Sucessful Impressions
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Checklist of best practices in preparing for a Video Interview

Before a video interview:  In addition to the steps listed above, check that your technology is working properly.  If you have received a link from the employer for their video software, make sure that you login at least 20 minutes before the interview to download any programs or updates.  Even if you are using Skype, be sure you are on early to check your microphone and camera.  Also, position yourself with a background that is neutral so it won’t distract the interviewer.

Before an in person interview:  Print out multiple copies of your resume on resume paper.  Make sure your suit is ready to go – including any accessories.  Establish your best route to the interview location and go there the day before to plan timing.  Review your notes from the phone interview with answers from any questions you asked and then prepare new questions for this interview.
Before a group or panel interview:  Do all of the steps for the in person interview above.  Call the day before and ask who will be interviewing you.  Go on LinkedIn® to understand the roles of each of the interviewers within the organization.  Think about how you can modify the questions you want to ask to engage each of the people from the company.

After EVERY interview:  Send follow up emails to EVERY person who interviews you.  If there is an administrative person who was actively involved in scheduling and coordination, send them a letter of appreciation also.  Plan to send these in advance by drafting a version that you can tailor after each interview and send within 24 hours to show your interest and professionalism.

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Stacie Garlie, Sucessful Impressions
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