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Luxury student housing may not appeal to Gen Z the way it lured millennials … Many schools and private companies invested in flashy dorms, only for many to see plateauing or dropping …
Authors: Molly Soat Date: 12/15/2017  

The American Marketing Association is committed to transforming students into marketing professionals who are good at what they do while doing good in the process …
Authors: Kyle Hernandez Date: 12/14/2017  

The American Marketing Association develops leaders with exceptional qualities … An AMAzing leader serves rather than gives orders, translates vision into reality, inspires greatness in …
Authors: Kyle Hernandez Date: 12/14/2017  

Sharpen your skills, gain a professional advantage and network with marketing colleagues across multiple industries … Learning online is great, but sometimes there's no substitute for a …
Authors: Clara Chun Date: 12/11/2017  

Winners of this year’s award have furthered marketing in a variety of industries, including data analytics, cannabis, anti-tobacco advocacy and asset management …
Authors: Hal Conick Date: 12/7/2017  

The Williams-Qualls-Spratlen Multicultural Mentoring Award of Excellence (WQS) carries on the legacy of three world class marketing scholars, educators, and mentors of people of color …
Authors: Julie Schnidman Date: 12/7/2017  

Valuing Diversity Ph.D. Scholarships Application Deadline for the 2018 Scholarships: April 6, 2018 … The American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF), in conjunction with the AMA …
Authors: Julie Schnidman Date: 12/7/2017  

AMA Collegiate is again offering its affiliated AMA collegiate chapters the opportunity to build their Recruitment and Social Impact efforts through two video competitions …
Authors: Kyle Hernandez Date: 12/7/2017  

To maintain your AMA PCM® certification, AMA requires you to pursue ongoing marketing education and growth in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and to recertify every 3 …
Authors: Kari Mueller Date: 12/6/2017  

AMA MembersREGISTER NOW Non MembersREGISTER NOW … Where: Online at your favorite location … But when you know what to measure and how to do it, data can be a powerful tool to help you …
Authors: Lauren Watters Date: 12/6/2017  

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