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The AMA is home to some of the disciplines leading journals and the following authors were honored at this years 2016 Summer AMA Awards Luncheon … Each year the editors of the AMA's four …
Authors: Matt Weingarden, Curator Date: 9/9/2016  

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have the direct relationships with target constituencies and provide engagement that these … healthcare system is crucial before setting the message, channel, cadence and the target
Authors: American Marketing Association Date: 9/2/2016  

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We've tapped 12 marketing leaders to share what they know now … The overwhelming theme of their advice: you have to jump in and weather a little discomfort in order to grow …
Authors: Michelle Markelz Date: 8/16/2016  

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Adam Grant's new book is "exactly the kind of book marketers, trying to hone their skills … Social Beast to Improve Customer Experience Target’s Music Investment Pays Off With Brand …
Authors: Michael Krauss Date: 7/27/2016  

More women are gaining leadership positions, both in politics and business … In marketing, there are so many products and services that target women in their 50s and 60s …
Authors: Sarah Steimer Date: 7/25/2016  

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Carl Gish, a 25-year marketing, left eBay to become Affirm's first CMO … very relevant to your customer—your target customer—building products and experiences that … It’d be very hard for an …
Authors: Hal Conick Date: 5/19/2016  

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participation in this survey will generate data that can help marketers understand trends in … Social Beast to Improve Customer Experience Target’s Music Investment Pays Off With Brand …
Authors: American Marketing Association Date: 5/11/2016  

You aren't going to get away with not hiring a marketing automation professional, according to Marvel Marketers CEO Maneeza Aminy … It's a difficult process to hire and retain these …
Authors: AMA Staff Date: 4/15/2016  

Event Highlights: See a Slideshow Summing up the Great Times at 2016 Collegiate … Watch this video slideshow for a … Hershey CMO Peter Horst on Bringing Brands Closer to Target (VIDEO …
Authors: Chris Bartone Date: 4/13/2016  

IBM is using the brand power behind Watson computing to market its cognitive analytics program … As the analytics-software space ramps up, savvy brands are finding unique ways to stay …
Authors: Molly Soat Date: 2/11/2016  

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