Updating Your Summer Resume to Get an Internship

Stacie Garlieb, Successful Impressions
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Tips on evaluating your summer activities and how include the information on your resume.

AMA members who used the summer months to work, study overseas, or volunteer will need to take time to update their resume for the school year.  Whether you want to secure a part-time job or internship during the Fall semester, your professional documentation should always include your most current and relevant experiences.  It’s important that you evaluate your summer activities through a professional lens and then include the information that will speak to your next employer in a positive light about the value that you will provide to their organization. 

Consider these questions to help you decide what content should be included on your updated resume:

Why were you hired for the job or accepted into the overseas or volunteer program?

If there are specific criteria such as a GPA requirement, previous experience in a skill area, or something else that would exemplify your strengths to an employer, highlight this in a bullet point on your resume.

What skills did you have before that you expanded during the summer experience?

Being able to note how you leveraged your skills and continued to develop them over the summer shows the employer that you don’t sit back after learning a skill, but that you look for ways to build upon them.

What new skills did you learn that will be valuable to the employer?

Showing your interest and ability to be a lifelong learner is important to employers.  Noting new skills that you can now use in their organization will help separate you from the competition in the interview process.

Were there results of your experience that you can document?

This is particularly important if you had a job or internship.  Be sure to include measurable information about the positive impact your work had on the organization.  Even if you were involved in a project that has not fully been implemented yet, you can list the projected outcomes that the company will have once the project is finalized.

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Stacie Garlieb, Successful Impressions
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