Social Media Strategies to Execute Your Job Search

Stacie Garlieb, Successful Impressions
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Key Takeaways

Tips on using social media when looking for a job.  

  • Tailor your profile and privacy
  • Consider new actions to find new opportunities

It is very important to realize that your presence on the internet could potentially affect your job search.  Social media can be a benefit to you or not. Social media may be a way for companies to exclude you from the hundreds of applicants who think they are the best fit.  So, the question is – how can I use the social media sites to accurately present my skills in a job search?

·     Social media doesn’t mean your privacy is gone.  Maybe you have a friend who ‘tags’ every moment of their life… Or you have a peer who wants to let each person identify themselves after each event… Or you have the family member who has included pics of your ‘less than workplace appropriate’ moments… Whatever situation applies to you, the point is that you have to take control of how the internet – and social media specifically – is presenting you to the business world.

·     Be aware of your prospective audience.  The reality of the job search process is that you really don’t know who will be reading that profile or the details of your last job and the Recommendations.  Do you want your next boss to know that you ‘did a really great job of entertaining the client’?  Evaluate how your past could affect your future.  It may seem interesting to have a combination of personal and professional information on your Facebook® or LinkedIn® pages to show you are ‘balanced’ and ‘even tempered’, but evaluate who you are interviewing with and the company culture and tailor your profiles appropriately.

·     Social media is not a one way street.  Do you use your social media to actually find jobs?  Not just by asking your network if they can introduce you to other people who work at places you want to work.  What steps are you taking to actively look for events and possible openings at the companies that may need your skills and experience?

Try not to choose only one venue to market your skills to a potential employer.  Social media is a resource to maximize, but don’t ignore other outlets in your network to find positions that will offer you experience and give the organization exposure to your skills and background.  For those of you who are attending the International Collegiate Conference, I will be speaking on how to best leverage LinkedIn – look forward to seeing you there!          

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Stacie Garlieb, Successful Impressions
Stacie Garlieb is Owner/Founder of Successful Impressions and a regular AMA Contributor
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