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Catherine Moffatt 

Vice President & Global Shopping Planner, DIAGEO 

Catherine Moffatt is the Vice President and Global Shopping Planer at DIAGEO and has been in the industry for 30 years. She received her undergraduate in Business by majoring in Marketing, but began her career in Brand Management. When asked how Catherine came about her current position she replied, “What led me here was consumer understanding and insight—people skills and the ability to create teams and conditions for people to succeed around you is very important in marketing”.  Catherine also says her career has led her to travel the world and how research and understanding roles is very important in her current position.

3 Characteristics that have contributed to Catherine’s Success: 

  1. Curiosity

  2. Cultural Sensitivity

  3. Willingness to be open to learning and approaching different kinds of challenges and opportunities

“I have always looked for opportunities to learn new things, stretch into new circumstances, take on opportunities that are not very well defined- create your own space. That has served me very well and that has always been new and offered me new things. I encourage people to make their own opportunities and create their own spaces. That is how I have approached their career which has been the catalyst for change in my career. I have been looking for those kinds of opportunities.”  

Catherine’s advice for newcomers to marketing is to be open to all the possibilities out there, “you can build a marketing career in many different starting points—look for opportunities which you can grow from and find interesting and take it from there”. She also encourages those who are in school or thinking about school to seek more programs that involve on-the-job training (co-op degree programs) because it is a tremendous opportunity to explore the field to ensure that there is an interest in marketing. Catherine could not stress enough the importance of growing through learning and to seize opportunities as they come, but to not be afraid to create your own opportunities. 

To be great marketers, we need to be talking to new consumers. It is a constant learning process and to be good at it means we all need to be constantly learning new skills.


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