Mastering Navigation at the Campus Career Fair

Stacie Garlieb, Successful Impressions
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Planning tips for attending your next career fair

Prepartion tips for attending your next career fair

Every college campus has career fairs, and regardless of the format of the career fair, there are some tips to maximize your time and effectiveness.  The most impactful students plan, prepare, and execute to secure interviews with the companies they are interested in working for in internships or post-graduation career opportunities.


Planning tips: 

  • Research what companies will be attending, when they will be on campus, and what positions they are recruiting for.  Double check the career services website the day before the event for any last minute additions.

  • Develop a list of which companies you want to visit, determine when they will be at the event, and then prioritize the order you will meet with them.

  • Try to attend the event as close to the beginning as possible or allow enough time to visit the companies before the end of the event.


Preparation tips: 

  • Create an individual resume for EVERY company, tailoring the objective, keywords, and any relevant content to the job description they are recruiting for and that you will be talking to them about. 

  • Make sure you have visited each company’s website to have general information    about their products and services and any new activities the company is promoting involvement in. 

  • Have your suit ready to go and purchase a padfolio if you don’t have one so you can take notes as you visit the companies and carry your resumes.

  • Prepare a few generic resumes that highlight your strengths to use in discussions with any companies who end up participating in the event at the last minute or aren’t listed on the career services website.

Execution tips:

  • Arrive at the career fair early so you can walk around the entire event and scope out where each of your target companies are located.

  • Visit your top priority companies first, and be strategic.  If Pepsi and Coca-Cola are next to each other and you want to visit both, don’t go to one and then another – visit one and then go to other companies in other rows and then loop back.

  • Ask for business cards from each recruiter.  If they don’t have one, ask if you can have their email address. 

  • Take notes after you meet with each company about what their process is, their timeline for conducting interviews, information about what skills they are looking for, etc.

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Stacie Garlieb, Successful Impressions
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