Five Quick Tips to Update Your Social Media

Stacie Garlieb
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Uploading a recent business/professional picture to your profile makes your follows take you seriously. Making new contacts is a good idea, just do not randomly "friend" or "connect" with people you may not know or are not relevant to your interests.

Whether you are happy in your job and want to stay at the same company, or keeping your eyes open to move on, rebooting your social media is a smart move. For AMA members and alumni who don’t really have much extra time, here are a few quick things you can do to take advantage of social media in your career development.

Update your profile picture. If you are planning to make a move in your career this year, consider uploading a recent business attire picture to your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Staying in the same company, business casual or conservative pictures are perfect.

Make some new contacts.  Don’t randomly ‘friend’ or ‘Connect’ with people. Be strategic if you want to change companies. LinkedIn is a great resource to find a few of your 1st level Connections who you can ask for introductions to people in companies you may want to transition to. If you aren’t planning a move, consider Connecting with colleagues throughout the company. 

Add current activities that matter. Check out the newest sections in LinkedIn and document your volunteering, skills, and organization involvement.  What employer wouldn’t want someone on their team who is proud of their professional affiliation with AMA in school and post-graduation?

Find two new groups to follow. Twitter is of course one effective way to ‘follow’ groups and companies. Remember that you can also do that through LinkedIn and that may be a way to find out about career opportunities. Even if you are planning on staying put this year, follow your own company and a competitor to stay on top of current trends.

Ask for support. If you aren’t using the Recommendations feature in LinkedIn, start now!  No one can brag about you online if you don’t ask them to. Evaluate what you want to communicate to your future co-workers and boss and make sure you have people document those skills through your social media. 


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Stacie Garlieb
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March 9, 2016

Excellent info

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