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AMA Advertising Hub: Webinars

What Is an AMA Webinar?

AMA webinars are digital broadcasts that engage the audience with a variety of tools such as slides, activities and speaker presentations to deliver consistently high-quality content.

Why Should My Company Sponsor an AMA Webinar?

In our ever-evolving digital world, audiences have come to expect a multi-dimensional experience when consuming content. Sponsoring an AMA webinar allows you to engage directly with your target audience in order to:

  • Demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate leads

What If My Company Has Never Produced a Webinar Before?

Don’t worry – the AMA is here for you. Our professional staff of content managers and production crew will work with you on best practices to develop an engaging webinar for your target audience. We can also help produce custom content and secure speakers upon request.

Ready to Get Started or Want to Learn More?

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