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In this video, Dr. Linda Price, Philip H. Knight Chair, Professor of Marketing at the University of Oregon, interviews marketing legend Dr. Leigh McAlister, Professor of Business Marketing at The University of Texas at Austin and Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute. During this interview Dr. McAlister discusses her career path and her ideations on bringing marketers and scholars together. 

For her entire career, Leigh McAlister actively worked to bring scholars and marketers together. She identifies methods and techniques for how academics particularly can do a better job bridging what is a surprisingly small divide.

Leigh M. McAlister | A Brief Biography

Leigh McAlister is the Ed and Molly Smith Chair in Business Administration at the University of Texas - Austin.

Professor McAlister grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and was able to go to university through financial assistance from an Oklahoma based oil company. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she applied for a job at that same company and was asked about her typing skills. Fortunately for the discipline, she did not accept that role and moved to California.

McAlister joined Stanford University and received a masters in engineering. While at Stanford she became interested in marketing and would eventually study under Seenu Srinivasan. Her work at Stanford was honored by the AMA as the best doctoral dissertation in 1978.

A versatile scholar, McAlister is often seen at Marketing Science, ACR, and AMA conferences and has been published in journals across the discipline. Her articles in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Retailing have all receive awards for contributions to the discipline.

McAlister served a term as Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute and has been a consultant for many companies in a variety of industries.

She continues to live in Austin with her husband.

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