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DocSIG is organized as a Special Interest Group within the American Marketing Association (AMA). DocSIG is open to all those actively pursuing a Ph.D. in marketing throughout the world. This includes students currently involved in class work or research with the intended result of obtaining a doctorate, as well as those pursuing a Ph.D. while employed in academia or industry. DocSIG is specifically targeted to the needs of marketing doctoral students. DocSIG recognizes the transitory nature of its membership. Once a doctoral student has completed the requirements for obtaining the Ph.D., they will become “emeritus” members for a period of one year. Membership in DocSIG will then be terminated.

DocSig provides numerous sources of information to assist doctoral students with their careers and career p​lanning. For example, DocSig produces the Who Went Where Survey reports each year. The intention of the Annual Who Went Where Survey is to provide doctoral students with a snapshot of academic job market conditions (particularly in the US) along with descriptive statistics about the current year’s graduating class. Additionally, the survey informs the academic marketing community where graduates are coming from and ​where they are going.

DocSIG offers opportunities for marketing doctoral students to develop professional skills in the areas of research, writing, teaching, presenting, reviewing, and other areas that aid in job placement and career development. In addition, we seek to provide a supportive and friendly environment for students of marketing to interact. In this way, DocSIG not only aims to offer useful information that can aid students in their study program, but strives to facilitate professional relationships that will last long after one's years as a doctoral student.

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Doctoral Student Chair
Ashley Goreczny
Georgia State University

Doctoral Student Chair-Elect
Verónica Martín Ruiz
Iowa State University

Doctoral Student Vice Chair of Research, Who Went Where
Yiru Wang
Kent University 

Doctoral Student Assistant of Research, Who Went Where
Christina Kuchmaner
Kent University​​

Who Went Where Survey

Doctoral Student Vice Chair of Research, Productivity
Sash Vaid
University of Houston​​

​Doctoral Student Assistant of Research, Productivity
Phillip Wiseman
University of Houston

2017 Research Productivity Reports



Doctoral Student Vice Chair of Communications
Tiffany Vu
University of Michigan

​Doctoral Student Vice Chair of Special Projects:
Franklin Tillman
University of Mississippi​

​Doctoral Student Assistant of Special Projects:
Jennifer Locander
University of Mississippi 

Doctoral Student Vice Chair of Membership Insights:
Dionne Nickerson
Georgia Institute of Technology

Doctoral Student Vice Chair of Online Engagement:
Mansur Khamitov
University of Western Ontario

Doctoral Student Vice Chair of International Relations:
Christina Papadopoulou
Leeds University Business School​

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