How to Tap Into Consumers' Evolutionary Instincts

Michelle Markelz
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Matthew Wilcox won the 2017 Berry Book Award for his book The Business of Choice.
Aug. 5, 2017

Marketers are good at understanding how culture and personal beliefs affect choice, but do they know how human nature impacts what consumers buy?

Matthew Wilcox has spent a decade talking to researchers about how people make choices and how that impacts the work of marketers.

What he found was that across industries and businesses, consumers make decisions based on human nature, and marketers would do well to understand that so they can make their customers' purchase decisions a natural behavior.

His book, The Business of Choice, includes more details on how marketers can tap into what drives human decision-making so they can do less persuading and more triggering of those instincts.


 Matt Wilcox - The Business of Choice


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