Teaching Tools: Marketplace Live Simulations Bring Classrooms Alive

Matt Weingarden, Curator
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Simulations enrich the learning experience and offer realistic marketing scenarios based on real-life business situations in the classroom. 

​Given the highly competitive landscape of the modern business world, both students and employers are expecting a great deal from the marketing classroom. Business simulation companies have been bridging this divide for a number of years with a growing success rate at engaging students and teaching practical skills.

Marketplace® Live is a family of visually-rich, online marketing and business simulations for college and executive education. 

As demonstrated in the video, we have enriched the learning experience with a graphical interface, animations, and personalized data. Participants can see dynamic, visual representations of products, ads, sales outlets, and marketing and sales employees. 

Marketplace Live simulations enable students to internalize marketing concepts, principles, tools, and ways of thinking. They also build critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal, and social ethic skills.

Our award-winning simulations have been used by over 600,000 students across 600 colleges in 55 countries around the world. They offer realistic marketing scenarios based on real-life business situations. 


 Teaching Tools



Marketplace Live simulations feature many complimentary tools for the instructor, including: 

  • Support 7 days/week 
  • Automated grading 
  • Power Point presentations 
  • Sample syllabus 
  • Coaching tips 
  • Online, objective assessments   
  • Peer Evaluations

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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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