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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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Engaging Customers in Coproduction
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Seven articles from the AMA's Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research were featured in MSI's biannual curations list. 

​Every six months, the Marketing Science Institute picks 10-12 articles as being expectionally valuable for marketing practitioners. In the most recent curation, four articles from the Journal of Marketing and three articles from the Journal of Marketing Research were included. The AMA congratulates the authors of all featured articles, including:

(1) Consumer Neuroscience: Applications, Challenges, and Possible Solutions

"In the Journal of Marketing Research, Hilke Plassmann, Vinod Venkatraman, Scott Huettel, and Carolyn Yoon outline five ways that consumer neuroscience can be productively applied to answer important marketing questions."

(2) Where, When, and How Long: Factors That Influence the Redemption of Mobile Phone Coupons

"Peter Danaher, Michael Smith, Kulan Ranasinghe, and Tracey Danaher analyze consumer response to m-coupons for a two-year trial at a large shopping mall. Almost 144,000 m-coupons were delivered during the trial, representing 38 stores that supplied 134 different coupons."

(3) Transaction Attributes and Customer Valuation

"Michael Braun, David Schweidel, and Eli Stein propose a latent attrition model that integrates transaction attributes into a probability model of customer retention and lifetime value. The model allows them to derive “incremental DERT,” a metric of the discounted expected residual transactions that result based upon a change in a marketing or service attribute, such as specific investments to improve customer experience, or additional marketing expenditures. This metric can serve as an upper bound on the amount a firm should invest in a customer to change such an attributes."

(4) Engaging Customers in Coproduction Processes: How Value-Enhancing and Intensity-Reducing Communication Strategies Mitigate the Negative Effects of Coproduction Intensity

"In a large field experiment, Till Haumann, Pascal Güntürkün, Laura Marie Schons, and Jan Wieseke show that customers’ perceptions of coproduction intensity (effort and time investment) negatively affect their satisfaction with the process."

(5) Transformational Relationship Events​

"Colleen Harmeling, Robert Palmatier, Mark Houston, Mark Arnold, and Stephen Samaha investigate how certain exchange events dramatically change B2B relationships and how such events affect exchange performance."

(6) Regaining “Lost” Customers: The Predictive Power of First-Lifetime Behavior, the Reason for Defection, and the Nature of the Win-Back Offer​

"In highly competitive service industries, win-back initiatives can be a useful last-resort strategy. Using individual-level transaction data and survey data from a U.S. telecommunications service provider, V. Kumar, Yashoda Bhagwat, and Xi (Alan) Zhang demonstrate how firms can encourage profitable second-lifetime behavior."

(7) Marketing Department Power and Firm Performance​​

"Hui Feng, Neil A. Morgan, and Lopo L. Rego examine marketing department power and its relationship with firm performance across a multi-industry sample of U.S. firms from 1993-2008. Using multiple objective indicators, they find that marketing’s influence increased over the 16-year period. Further, econometric modeling offers strong evidence that marketing department power predicts short-term profitability and, beyond this effect, directly predicts longer-term shareholder value."

The titles above include brief experts from MSI's description of the article. Complete summaries of the articles are available at along with other featured works. 

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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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