SIG Leadership Award (SLA)

The AMA Academic Council is proud to announce the Special Interest Group (SIG) Leadership Award, to recognize the outstanding service of an AMA SIG leader. The recipient will have added significant value and ongoing contributions to the American Marketing Association’s members and goals.

The SLA Selection Committee includes the three members of the Academic Council SIG SubCommittee, the Immediate Past-President of the Academic Council, and the past SIG Leadership Award recipient. There is one SIG Leadership Award recipient each year, and they will recieve the honor at the subsequent Summer AMA Conference.

Nominations are invited from all SIG members. The nominations should be submitted in electronic form via a letter of recommendation. The letter should summarize why the nominee added significant value and ongoing contributions to the AMA’s members and goals.The following types of contributions will be considered when evaluating nominees for the award. 

Services performed/overall positive impact on the organization

Service contributions related to how the individual has had an impact on the AMA on a broad scale or directly impacted the goals of the AMA. The recipient of the SLA will have made contributions on the SIG level, as well as to the organization as a whole.

Contributions to the advancement of SIG activities

Contributions, including creativity and innovativeness, may take a variety of forms.  For example, an individual receiving this award may have been the initiator of new SIG events and programs, or may have established new or unique ways to interact with their membership.  These qualities should be represented by the recipient over multiple years of service.

AMA Activity/Participation

A nominee must be a current member of the AMA, and must have been a SIG leader with a history of active contributions to and participation within AMA.  These contributions can include, but are not be limited to, a member of the AMA Academic Council, conference or track chairs at an AMA conference, or reviewers of submitted papers and articles. 



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