SIG Leaders Page

General SIG Leadership Information
  • AMA SIG Leaders Guide
    This document reviews processes and proceures for SIG Leaders including information on annual reports, membership, leadership, and more.
Summer and Winter AMA Conference Requests
Financials and Yearly Planning Documents
  • Invoice Submissions
    Use this form to upload invoices that need to be paid via the SIG Budget.

  • Sponsorship Submissions
    Use this form to upload any expected revenue from garnered sponsorships.

  • Annual Plan Information
    Every fiscal year, SIGs develop a budget and leadership for the next fiscal year, as well as review achievements and plan activities for the next fiscal year.​ To submit your SIG annual plan:
    - Complete the 
    SIG Annual Plan Template​ document.
    - Upload the SIG Annual Plan Template to the Annual Plan Submission Form

Emailing SIGS and Constant Contact Information
SLA Award and Foundation Awards
  • The SIG Leadership Award​ recognizes the outstanding service of an AMA SIG Leader. The recipient will have added significant value and ongoing contributions to the American Marketing Association's members and goals.

  • For more information on AMA Foundation Awards, please visit the AMA Foundation website.


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  • Have general AMA and membership questions? 

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