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Koen Pauwels
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Joined AMA Academic Council in July 2016.

Koen Pauwels is Professor of Marketing at Ozyegin University. Originally from Belgium, Pauwels received his Ph.D. from UCLA, where he was chosen “Top 100 Inspirational Alumnus” out of 37,000 graduates. After leaving UCLA, he joined the faculty at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and eventually became a tenured associate professor and started the Marketing Dynamics conference. In addition to numerous journal publications, Pauwels has authored 3 books, including It’s Not the Size of the Data – It’s how you use it, and consulted large and small companies across 3 continents, including Amazon, Credit Europe, Inofec, Heinz, Kayak, Knewton, Kraft, Marks & Spencer, Nissan, Sony, Tetrapak and Unilever. He joined the AMA Academic Council in 2016 and is one of two members to currently reside outside of North America. 

What attracted you to marketing as a discipline of study?

As a kid, I was intrigued by why consumers pay more for known brands and how marketing influences them. In college, my first marketing class was delivered by a most excellent practitioner, who made me write my first research paper (reviewing and extending the literature on reference price effects).

What was your first experience with the AMA? 

Wonderful AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium at Ivey (Western Ontario) and Job Market in Chicago, 2000.

What has been your most memorable publication?

Trusov, Bucklin and Pauwels (Journal of Marketing 2009). We wrote it in great spirit and very efficiently and were surprised with its popularity in the review process and in citations. What we considered weaknesses turned out to be strengths: having only 3 variables (versus the usual 12+ marketing actions in my models) helped us to more clearly communicate our arguments and insights.

Was there a pivotal moment or key person in your career? 

Prof Dominique M. Hanssens is a wonderful coach, advisor and friend. We met when he served on my first-year presentation at the EMAC Doctoral Colloquium and inspired me to apply to a US program.

What is the most fascinating journal article that you’ve read in the last 6 months and why did you find it so interesting?

The effects of the online and offline purchase environment on consumer choice of familiar and unfamiliar brands” by Saini and Lynch (IJRM 2016) for the experimental validation of econometric findings. I have always loved integrating different research methods (such as survey-based consumer attitudes and online behavior in my recent work), but it is very tough to do so in 1 paper. Instead, we can also bridge research traditions in marketing – which is what Saini and Lynch (2016) do in demonstrating the psychological mechanisms (why and how) of econometric findings (how much and when) that familiar brands have a greater relative advantage online than offline. Likewise, my PhD student uses econometric modeling to demonstrate that regulatory focus has specific market-level consequences for price promotion effects. We need to see more of such successful bridges in the marketing field. 

Coffee or Tea? And how do you take it?

Coffee with milk in the morning and early afternoon, tea at any time during the day

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