Professors Gain Practical Insights Through AEF Program

Matt Weingarden, Curator
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AEF Visiting Professor Program
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​Apply for an AEF Visiting Professor Program Fellowship by Jan 31, 2017 at

​The Advertising Education Foundation is seeking professors of marketing, advertising, or communications for it's Visiting Professor Program. The two-week fellowship exposes professors to the operations of advertising, marketing, or media companies in large market cities. The deadline to apply ​for the fellowship is January 31, 2017. 

The program offers active faculty with new knowledge of current practice trends and challenges, while offering those in industry to build relationships with scholars. Professors may be assigned to a single account manager, watching the daily activities handled by that person or they may be assigned to a team and given the opportunity to see how collaboration is supported in the firm. 

Sabrina Habib of Winthrop University and 2016 participant explained, "While most professors have some practical experience in a given area of the industry, none of us have experience in all areas, but are expected to counsel and prepare students of all interests."    

Having active research faculty on site offers host companies with a unique opportunity to learn if their current strategies or ideas are supported by new research. Additionally, the direct connection with faculty means increased opportunities to identify candidates for open positions and internships. Faculty are expected to give a lecture about their own research. 

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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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