New 2019 AMA Fellows

Matt Weingarden, Curator


Key Takeaways
What? Four distinguished scholars are being inducted as AMA Fellows.

So What? These scholars each have made outstanding contributions to the marketing discipline.

Now What? The new Fellows will be honored at Winter AMA in Austin


The American Marketing Association is pleased to announce the selection of four scholars to be inducted as AMA Fellows. The newest cohort of AMA Fellows will be formally inducted at the AMA Winter Academic Conference in Austin, Texas on February 22, 2019, at a special reception that will also include a reunion of AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium fellows.

Mary Gilly, University of California-Irvine
PhD from University of Houston

Bernard Jaworski, Claremont Graduate University
PhD from University of Pittsburgh

Linda Price, University of Oregon
PhD from University of Texas at Austin

Gerard Tellis, University of Southern California
PhD from University of Michigan

The distinction of “AMA Fellow” is given to members in good standing of the AMA who have made significant contributions to the research, theory and practice of marketing, and/or to the service and activities of the AMA over a prolonged period of time. The AMA Fellow designation is intended to recognize marketing academics’ achievement, but it is also designed to create a space or fellowship, discussion, collaboration and continued contributions to the discipline.  Each year a new cohort is nominated from the academic community, selected by a group of distinguished peers and honored at Winter AMA. Since the program's inaugural year, over 40 scholars have been inducted as AMA Fellows. Nominations for new fellows are accepted on an annual basis. Learn more about the AMA Fellows and the nomination process today.

Matt Weingarden, Curator