AMA Members' Collaborative Teaching Initiative Engages Students Across Universities

Matt Weingarden, Curator
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Laurel Cook
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What? Marketing faculty are using social media to collaborate across universities. 

So What? Students are benefiting through experiential learning and reinforcement of classroom lessons.

Now What? Faculty at other campuses should consider similar social media collaborations.

​A group of marketing faculty using social media to engage students in marketing courses across three universities were recently featured in article from the West Virginia University College of Business & Economics. Called the B-school Collaboration for Marketing Courses, the initiative reinforces lessons learned in the classroom, while also offering real world experience using social channels to engage external audiences. 

The article details how Laurel Cook of West Virginia University, Alexa Fox at Ohio University, and Alexandra Krallman and Jennifer Stevens both from Mississippi State University share questions on Twitter each week with the hashtag #WOMf16 to students in their consumer behavior focused courses. The students are encouraged to respond and continue the conversation with both students and faculty in their classroom as well as those from other institutions. Additionally, the article points out that students are intereacting with businesses like, Amazon, Jimmy Johns, and Walmart. 

Cook is quoted in the article explaining that the origins of the initiaitve were in the Super Bowl advertising conversations on Twitter: 

Last spring, we tested the idea of a B-School collaboration with live conversations on Twitter as each Super Bowl advertisement was shown. Soon, our students were exchanging comments with each other and all of the participating faculty members. As each of us returned to our classes, we quickly realized how beneficial the experience was for all of our students. The group expanded on this initial success and introduced the current iteration this academic year. 

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The faculty communicate each week to discuss results and identify ways to improve the dialogue. Thus far, the four have been pleased with the participation metrics and with the quality of the conversations. To learn more about this initiative, read the full story on West Virginia University's website. 

Cook, Fox, and Krallman are all currently AMA members. Fox is a leader in several AMA Academic Special Interest Groups

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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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Priyanka P.V
October 26, 2016

Dear Matt, Greetings! Priyanka here, an educator and professor by passion. I would like to be a part of your initiative. Kindly let me know more details on the same.

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