Marketing and Society SIG Awards


The MASSIG “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Winners of this annual award have contributed a significant body of work in developing and advancing research in the Marketing and Society, Public Policy, and/or the Marketing Ethics areas. This award is given to individuals who exemplify outstanding scholarship in these fields. The MASSIG Lifetime Achievement Awards have been guided by and supported from their inception by Professors O.C. and Linda Ferrell, who deserve all of our thanks for their fine efforts.

Nine scholars have won this annual award to date:

--Alan Andreasen, Georgetown University            (2008)
--William L. Wilkie, University of Notre Dame       (2009)
--Paul Bloom, Duke University                              (2010)
--Patrick E. Murphy, University of Notre Dame     (2011)
--Gene R. Laczniak, Marquette University            (2012)
--Ronald Paul Hill, Villanova University                 (2013)
--Debra Scammon, University of Utah                  (2014)
--David Steward, Loyola Marymount University    (2015)
--Michael Mazis, American University                   (2017)

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The MASSIG “Emerging Scholar in Marketing and Society Award”​

This new award recognizes contributions to research advancing the study of Marketing and Society issues, and will be given annually to honor the contributions of a researcher in the earlier stages of his or academic career.  Past winners include:

--Kelly D. Martin, Colorado State University     (2012)
--Beth Vallen, Villanova University                    (2013)
--Maura Scott, Florida State University             (2014)
--Justine Rapp, University of San Diego           (2015)
--Brennan Davis, Cal Poly State University      (2016)
--Martin Mende, Florida State University          (2017)

The Marketing and Society SIG (MASSIG) of the American Marketing Association is pleased to announce Dr. Brennan Davis of California Polytechnic State University as the 2016 MASSIG Emerging Scholar award. Dr. Davis’ scholarship covers a number of important issues such as environmental conditions that influence obesity providing a deeper understanding of food well-being. His work has been published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, American Journal of Public Health, and Journal of the Association of Consumer Research among others. Dr. Davis also has a strong history of impactful service to the field that has provided an opportunity for the marketing field to think deeply about the societal impact marketing research can have on society. He has particularly played a leadership role in the transformative consumer research movement which seeks to encourage and support research the benefits consumer welfare and the quality of life for all beings affected by consumption across the world.

The MASSIG Emerging Scholar award is given to honor the contributions of a researcher in the earlier stages of their academic career who tackles societal issues of significance that substantially advance our understanding of these issues. Previous winners include Kelly Martin of Colorado State University, Beth Vallen of Villanova University, Maura Scott of Florida State University and Justine Rapp of the University of San Diego.  Please join the Marketing and Society SIG of the American Marketing Association in congratulating Dr. Brennan Davis as the 2016 MASSIG Emerging Scholar.   ​


Recipients of this award must be MASSIG members in good standing and should be early in their career progression.

Selection Process:

Each year, a panel of three MASSIG members will be appointed by the MASSIG Chair to serve as a selection committee. The panel will solicit nominations from the MASSIG membership, and select the recipient of the award for their scholarly contributions to the marketing and society research area.  Criteria to be used for determining contribution include problem significance, innovation, methodological rigor, and potential to substantially advance our understanding of this area.


To submit a nomination for the MASSIG Early Career Award for Contributions to Consumer Research, nominators should provide:

. A letter of nomination (maximum two pages; self-nominations are acceptable).
. A current C.V. for the nominated scholar.
. Up to three reprints of scholarly papers representative of the nominee's contributions.

All materials need to be submitted electronically.

Please note that anyone nominated this year will be automatically considered for the next two years as long as they continue to meet the eligibility criteria. ​

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