Marketing Communications SIG


Marketing Communications SIG focuses on communication used to build the relationships that build brands and brand equity. Conference papers and special session are on the research, theories, and teaching that further the understanding and practice of using advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and all other forms of one-and two-way communication in an integrated way to acquire retain and grow customers. The SIG recognizes the importance of IMC, CRM, and all other customer-focused approached essential to managing marketing communications and media in a world of increasing communication alternatives and interactivity. The SIG greatly benefits by having members from around the world who share their cross-cultural theories and applications of marketing communications and brand building. Finally, the SIG encourages different perspectives—clients, agencies, and the media’s—regarding how best to use marketing communications. Because this SIG’s primary mission is to improve the brand communications that create and strengthen brand relationships, it encourages membership from those who also belong to SIGs such a Direct Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Business-to-Business Marketing, Services Marketing, and Global Marketing. 

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Marketing Communications Chair:
Nakeisha Ferguson
University of St. Thomas

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