How to Target a Journal?

Matt Weingarden, Curator
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How to Target the Right Journal?
Key Takeaways

SciDev.Net offered a new take on how to target the right journal for one's research

Finding the right journal for any research is an incredible challenge that all scholars must face at some point in their career (if not many points). Various factors play in to the final decision of where to submit one's work. The folks at ​SciDev.Net ​offered some interesting perspectives and quick bulleted strategies for targeted the "right" journal for publishing one's research. 

Ultimately they offer the following key suggestions: 

1. "Predatory publishers abound: check high fees, poor standards and bogus claims" 

2. "High impact factors aren’t always relevant — and some are fakes"

3. "Aim to communicate, not just publish, your research"

The article also goes into significant details regarding potential predators, verifiable claims, open access journals, and impact factor, as well as considering how your audience fits in to your decision.

Check out the full article to get more detailed insights at SciDev.Net.

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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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