Grewal, Jap, Jones Among Those Honored at 2016 Summer AMA SIG Receptions

Matt Weingarden
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Key Takeaways

​What? Nine AMA Academic SIGs presented honors at the 2016 Summer AMA Conference

So What? Honorees included both leading senior and emerging scholars in the field. 

Now What? Both scholars and practitioners should learn about the honorees and their work and apply their research into their research and strategic practice.

The AMA Academic community comes together twice a year at Summer AMA and Winter AMA. Check out the full list of SIG honorees from the 2016 Summer AMA Conference. 

Doctoral Students SIG

AwardMathew Joseph Emerging Scholar Award 
Honoree: Anita Pansai
Anita Pansari is a doctoral student in the J Mack Robinson College, Department of Marketing at the Georgia State University. Before she joined the Ph.D program, Anita held managerial positions in YES Bank and Standard Chartered Bank in India. Each year the DocSIG with the support of Dr. Mathew Joseph, honors a doctoral student who has displayed exemplary scholarship and exhibits a bright future in the academic discipline. ​

Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG

Award: AMA Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG/Kauffman Doctoral Dissertation Award
Honoree: Srinivas Venugopal
Dissertation Title: Entrepreneurial Marketing in Subsistence Marketplaces
Dissertation Description: There are more than a billion poverty-stricken entrepreneurs in the world who run micro-enterprises to meet basic consumption needs. Being a consumer and being an entrepreneur are fundamentally intertwined in the fabric of their economic lives - a condition of life captured in the term 'consumer-entrepreneur duality'. The first part of this dissertation aims to provide a theoretical foundation for the notion of consumer-entrepreneur duality and test its implications empirically. A key import of the aforementioned duality is that factors in the consumption domain can impact important outcomes in the entrepreneurial domain and vice versa.

Local communities in subsistence marketplaces across the world are increasingly facing threats to their ability in meeting basic needs. In response, these communities are left in a position of changing the very institutions that have historically guided their collective behaviors and community life. The second part of this dissertation examines the process through which marketing enterprises enable local communities to effect institutional change. I theorize the notion of facilitated institutional entrepreneurship - defined as the process in which an external organization, originating in a different institutional context, acts as an enabler of embedded agency on the part of local subsistence communities.

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