Teaching Tools: Changing the role of the instructor to that of a Business Coach can enhance the value of simulations

Matt Weingarden, Curator
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Changing the role of the instructor to that of a business coach can enhance the value of simulations.

​How do we develop knowledge, skills, and competence? Certainly, the traditional methods of lectures and textbooks are important in laying down the foundation of theory and practice. But, to achieve higher levels of critical thinking, it is necessary to ponder, test, reflect and adjust one’s knowledge. To achieve skills and competencies, we need to practice our trade. Marketplace Live simulations are perfectly suited to providing this kind of practice.

But, we do not need to work alone. A Business Coach can channel our energies, thought processes, practice routines, and feedback mechanisms to advance the level and the speed with which we attain competence.

In this article, Cadotte and MacGuire describe a novel pedagogy that included Business Coaches, executive briefings, and a rubric for evaluating critical thinking. They also report on a study where they examined the performance 658 students over two semesters. What is noteworthy is that the students steadily improved over the course of the exercise. They believe that the repetitive nature of the exercise coupled with regular assessment and formative feedback by a Business Coach were key to the learning.

Ernest R. Cadotte and Christelle MacGuire (2013) “A Pedagogy to Enhance the Value of Simulations in the Classroom.” Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education. (Fall) 33-52.

Dr. Ernest R. Cadotte is the Fisher Professor of Innovative Learning at the University of Tennessee. He is the author of the Marketplace Live family of simulations that have been used by over 700,000 students across 600 colleges in 55 countries around the world. For more than twenty years, he has been studying and refining the learning process.

Christelle MacGuire is a former Business Coach at the University of Tennessee and currently works for Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc, the provider of Marketplace Live.

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Matt Weingarden, Curator
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